Splunk for Digital Intelligence

Real-Time Insights across Your Digital Channels

Organizations need a deep understanding of customer interactions and product/feature usage to create the best website or mobile user experience. While traditional web analytics solutions focus on marketing analytics (user acquisition, spend optimization) or on traffic (visits, pageviews), Splunk digital intelligence solutions go beyond marketing analytics and provide an end-to-end view of customer interactions across various digital channels, including web, mobile, social and offline.

Splunk Enterprise digital intelligence solutions:

  • Work side-by-side with web analytics tools to provide customer, product and feature usage analytics across real-time and historical data
  • Create actionable insights that are critical in solving customer, website/mobile and multi-channel analytics challenges and enrich digital data with CRM or offline data
  • Derive unique insights by combining client and server side data in real time to analyze and improve customer experience
  • Gain digital data visualizations by using familiar visualization tools on top of Splunk using ODBC driver
  • Derive faster time to value from digital data in Hadoop using Hunk: Splunk Analytics for Hadoop
Digital Intelligence Platform

Using Splunk to gain real-time analytics across multiple data sources

Splunk Enterprise is a flexible and powerful platform for machine data. It provides an impactful way to reliably collect and analyze customer behavior and product usage from websites, mobile apps and social media streams.

With Splunk Enterprise, you can:

  • Get meaningful insights and visualizations with unlimited segmentation and full data drill down on real-time and historical data extend with familiar visualizations using ODBC driver
  • Gather meaningful multi-channel analytics by combining and correlating data across various digital channels
  • Create reports, dashboards using pivot tables and alerts for meaningful actions based on trends
  • Enrich streaming unstructured data with structured data from relational databases
  • Conduct adhoc searches on data in Hadoop without specialized programming skills, using Hunk: Splunk Analytics for Hadoop
  • Achieve unique insights by combining client side (browser level) data with server side data in real time

Benefits of Combining Client- and Server-side Data

Combininbg Client and Server Side Data

Why Splunk

Gather customer, product, mobile app and website feature adoption and multi-channel analytics using Splunk Enterprise. With an easy to use interface and powerful search language, customers use Splunk Enterprise to bring value to data quickly without the need of specialized analytics skills.

Traditional analytics tools focus on marketing analytics, such as user acquisition and spend optimization. With the customer at the center of analytics, organizations are increasingly looking to find meaningful insights that enhance the customer experience - and contribute to effective user engagement and conversion across digital channels. Splunk Enterprise complements traditional web analytics tools and provides additional analytics around mobile, social and multi-channel. Digital data analysis projects in Hadoop have struggled to provide valuable insights in a timely fashion. Hunk helps solve analytics needs for data at rest in Hadoop, without specialized skills, fixed schemas or months of development to gain value.

Customer/Product Analytics

Line of business owners can get an early read on purchase patterns, product usage, paths or churn across digital channels. Gather real-time analytics and the ability to correlate transaction data with web and mobile data to gain insights into business performance and other critical operations.

Mobile App Analytics

Understand feature adoption, usage patterns and effectiveness of changes to the mobile apps in real time using Splunk Enterprise. Product managers can drill down, segment and correlate various datasets and derive actionable insights for website or mobile apps.

Social Media Analytics

Correlating social media data with web/mobile data can provide new insights. Marketing and operations team can derive operational value from social data. These insights can help you engage with customers more effectively and help improve brand perception.

Multi-Channel Analytics

Bringing data from multiple channels and stitching it together can provide new insights into user behavior. The unique ability of Splunk Enterprise to combine and correlate disparate datasets can help product managers and line of business owners optimize the user experience. Conducting powerful adhoc searches on the data can help discover new segments for effective targeting and optimization of digital channels.

Multi Channel Analytics

Splunk in Action

John Lewis

Retailers that serve customers through multiple channels are always looking for ways to understand and improve customer experience for the multiple digital and in-store touch points. Understanding user experience and reacting to any challenges in user experience in a timely fashion helps improve conversion and brand loyalty. Many organizations struggle to identify the bottlenecks in the user experience especially when the customers interact across multiple channels.

Splunk provides unique ability to combine and correlate data across multiple channels in real time as well as powerful adhoc search capabilities that help uncover the problems in user experience and solve them.

John Lewis, a large retailer in UK that serves customers through online (web, mobile) and offline channels is using Splunk to identify and resolve customer experience issues. With Splunk, both business and IT teams are proactively resolving issues to provide the best customer experience resulting in improved conversion and customer retention. » Learn More


Online auction sites and online platforms often face the challenge on measuring and quickly reacting to online marketing campaigns. Spikes in traffic from successful online campaigns can also lead to site performance issues, affecting user experience and resulting in lower site conversion.

Cars.com is an award-winning online destination for car shoppers visited by approximately 12 million unique visitors each month. Cars.com runs a very successful advertising campaign around Superbowl. Splunk not only monitors the site performance, but also give a real-time view of user behavior of visitors acquired from the marketing campaign. Car.com uses Splunk across the organization to increase visibility into site traffic and usage patterns. » Learn More

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