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ransomware groundhog day ransomware groundhog day

Ransomware Groundhog Day: Elevating Your Program in a High-Threat Environment

Tips for handling the latest Kaseya ransomware campaign

zero trust trend zero trust trend

Fashionably Late: The Zero Trust Trend Is Here to Stay

Is it finally time for zero trust to go mainstream?

checking with sigred checking with sigred

Checking for SIGRed (CVE-2020-1350) and CISA ED 20-03 with Splunk

Using wire data to identify vulnerable hosts and detect exploitation attempts

5 questions 5 questions

Five Questions Your Organization Must Ask to Prepare For a Ransomware Attack

First things first: threat hunting

supernova redux supernova redux

SUPERNOVA Redux, With a Generous Portion of Masquerading

Find masquerading and more

detecting data exfiltration detecting data exfiltration

Detecting Data Exfiltration Via the Use of SNICat

What ice cream flavors and data exfiltration have in common