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ransomware groundhog day

Ransomware Groundhog Day: Elevating Your Program in a High-Threat Environment

Tips for handling the latest Kaseya ransomware campaign

zero trust trend

Fashionably Late: The Zero Trust Trend Is Here to Stay

Is it finally time for zero trust to go mainstream?

checking with sigred

Checking for SIGRed (CVE-2020-1350) and CISA ED 20-03 with Splunk

Using wire data to identify vulnerable hosts and detect exploitation attempts

5 questions

Five Questions Your Organization Must Ask to Prepare For a Ransomware Attack

First things first: threat hunting

supernova redux

SUPERNOVA Redux, With a Generous Portion of Masquerading

Find masquerading and more

detecting data exfiltration

Detecting Data Exfiltration Via the Use of SNICat

What ice cream flavors and data exfiltration have in common