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Pricing FAQ

It's time to reimagine your relationship with data. Splunk provides flexible, predictable offerings to turn data into doing.

How does pricing work?

Pricing options for Splunk products offer predictability and flexibility. You can find more detailed information about each program below, as well as the products to which each can be applied.

Download the Splunk Pricing Brochure to learn more about Splunk’s pricing options or go dive deep into Workload Pricing Brochure to learn more.

Do I have to change my pricing?

No. Our goal is to give customers the flexibility to choose the pricing model that fits their needs. The existing pricing models are not being replaced, but customers may decide if they would like to move to a different pricing program. You can learn more about each pricing option below.

How do I learn more about Splunk’s pricing options?

We've included FAQs on each pricing option below, and you can contact Splunk for additional information on pricing details and whether these pricing options are right for you.

Entity Pricing

What is entity-based pricing?

Entity-based pricing is available for Splunk Observability Cloud, which is a right sized cloud portfolio that minimizes pricing volatility.

  • Splunk Observability Cloud is priced based on hosts

This works best for customers who need to solve defined ITOps and DevOps use cases with bespoke capabilities.


How does pricing under this model work?

Pricing per entity is based on the number of protected devices or hosts that you want to analyze, protect or monitor. This easy, tiered option makes cost visible and predictable. You can experiment with new capabilities and scale to unlimited data volumes while only worrying about the number of assets you’re managing, not the volume of data they’re generating.


What kind of licensing is offered under Entity Pricing?

Annual subscriptions are available for Splunk Observability Cloud.


Who can leverage Entity Pricing?

Entity-based pricing is only available to private sector organizations in the Americas at this time. Contact us to find the pricing that best fits your needs.

Workload Pricing

What is Workload Pricing?

Workload pricing aligns your investments in Splunk with how you use it to derive insights from your data. The primary pricing factor in this model is the compute capacity consumed for search and analytics workloads rather than the data volume ingested. Gain visibility into your license consumption and control how your total compute capacity gets used across various use cases and Splunk capabilities. This model is available for our cloud products and some of our on-premises offerings.


How does pricing under this model work?

Workload Pricing makes it easy to use the Splunk Platform, to solve your expanding use cases across Security, IT, DevOps and more. As your needs and use cases change and evolve, Workload Pricing is flexible and able to scale while managing your usage.

The primary pricing factor measured in this model is the compute capacity consumed for search and analytics workloads. Under the hood, Splunk Cloud Platform workloads are measured with Splunk Virtual Compute (SVCs) units while Splunk Enterprise and Data Stream Processor workloads are measured with virtual Central Processing Units (vCPUs).


What kind of licensing is offered under Workload Pricing?

Annual subscriptions are available for Splunk Cloud Platform. Term licenses are available for on-premises products.

Ingest Pricing

What is Ingest Pricing?

Ingest Pricing offers volume-based pricing to customers based on GB/day data ingestion into Splunk products. If customers need to use more data, they can purchase the next ingest level available. This well-known pricing option continues to be available to current customers.


What kind of licensing is offered under Ingest Pricing?

Term licenses are available for on-premises and annual subscriptions are available for cloud solutions.

Pricing Policy

What is the policy for renewing customers?

To align with industry standards, Splunk has adopted a Standard Uplift policy for renewals to incorporate additional value driven by product enhancements and increased cost of services.

Unless otherwise agreed to in a customer order, for a 1-year, 2-year, or 3-year renewal of term license product(s) and/or subscription service(s) purchased, commencing at the expiration of the Initial Term, the annual net pricing for license products and/or subscription services purchased shall increase by 9% for a 1-year renewal, 7% per year compounded annually for a 2-year renewal, or 5% per year compounded annually for a 3-year renewal.

Commencing in February 2024, list prices for cloud and term ingest capacities below 500GB will be raised by 10% in AMER and EMEA. This applies to Ingest only and includes Enterprise Security, ITSI, and all compliant variants of the Splunk platform.

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