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Smarter operations

Machine learning is embedded across the entire Splunk portfolio, including customizable solutions and tools to help take smarter action.


Machine learning for Splunk users and use cases

Reduce time to value

Accelerate time to value with data science and machine learning (ML) capabilities packaged for IT, security and observability.

 forecasting  forecasting

Forecast future values of time-series metrics and key performance indicators.

predictive analytics predictive analytics
Predictive Analytics

Know if or when a future event can occur, so you can mitigate it.

outlier detection outlier detection
Outlier Detection

Detect and identify outliers in any given data set.

event clustering event clustering
Event Clustering

Group similar events or data observations together for deeper analysis.

intel background intel background


Transforming Intel’s Security Posture with Innovations in Data Intelligence

By putting data in the right place and reskilling our people, we created a force multiplier. We are using machine learning to significantly increase the depth and speed of our cyber intelligence.

Brent Conran, Chief Information Security Officer, Intel
Security threats blocked in one six-month period
to enterprise-ready implementation

ML Capabilities

Capabilities embedded across the platform


Machine Learning Toolkit (MLTK)

Empower citizen data scientists with simple, smart assistant interfaces that deliver forecasting, outlier detection, event clustering and predictive analytics.

machine learning toolkit machine learning toolkit


Differentiated machine learning capabilities for any need

Splunk Admin

Smart assistants and guided workflows make putting Machine Learning (ML) to work easy.

Explore MLTK


Design and develop custom analytics in a familiar Jupyter notebooks experience with open interfaces and out-of-the-box support for the most popular frameworks.

Get more out of your data


Reference notebooks, smart assistants and new algorithms to detect outliers and forecast outages.

Explore the IT Cloud


Differentiated Machine Learning (ML) capabilities across the platform


collaborate collaborate

Get a first-of-a-kind experience designed for Search Processing Language (SPL) developers and data scientists in one simple, collaborative, easy-to-use interface.

Open interfaces

open interfaces open interfaces

Keep up with the latest innovations in the data science community — frameworks, libraries, runtimes and more.

Purpose-built libraries

purpose built libraries purpose built libraries

Frameworks such as streaming ML have been specially designed to match the need for scale and speed for common Splunk use cases.


operationalize operationalize

Manage, monitor and deploy models at scale, in production, close to where the data resides.

Heavy code to no-code experiences

heavy code heavy code

Bring ML to all user types including data scientists, data analysts, Splunk admin and app users, thanks to simplified, common workflows and use cases.

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Get more from your data with machine learning

Join us as we discuss how machine learning can help your organization. Whether you’re an analyst or a trained data scientist, this on-demand webinar is for you.



Explore other platform capabilities

Our foundational data capabilities fuel outcomes for ITOps, Security, DevOps and more.

data streaming data streaming

Data Streaming

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scalable index scalable index

Scalable Index

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federated search and analytics federated search and analytics

Federated Search and Analytics

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collaboration and orchestration collaboration and orchestration

Collaboration and Orchestration

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Leverage machine learning in any of your data needs