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Impact Technology Accelerator

Enabling social impact with Splunk talent

Our Impact Technology Accelerator team helps nonprofits bring their data-powered visions to life by donating Splunker expertise.



Providing pro bono tech expertise to help nonprofits bridge the data divide

Splunk Enterprise Security Splunk Enterprise Security

Enabling new ideas

For nonprofits that have identified a data solution, we lend the skills and capacity to build it.

Improving existing approaches Improving existing approaches

Improving existing approaches

If a current data solution isn’t delivering, our experts can fill the gap to help make it better.

Splunk Enterprise Security Splunk Enterprise Security

Collaborating to find a solution

We work together with social good organizations to bring data insights to solve critical problems.


Overcoming hurdles to advance gender equity

The Leadership Council for Women in National Security (LCWINS) needed a way to scale their impact, but was limited by its data architecture. Splunk technology and expertise helped the LCWINS enhance their approach, increasing efficiency while advancing their mission of gender parity.



Helping a school track their net zero progress

Splunkers pitched in to help an elementary school find a better way to monitor their energy usage and what they could do to reach net zero. Along the way, the dashboards became a powerful teaching tool.


Empowering interns to apply Splunk to open data sources for social good 

Each summer, our Splunkterns are invited to learn how to use Splunk to support causes they care about. Participating Splunkterns form teams, identify the issue they want to address and use open data sources to build a final project. The winning project, judged by a panel of executives, earns a $1,000 charitable donation for their project’s cause.

Tap into our expertise

Work with our technology experts to make a data-driven difference.