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Global Impact

Bridging the data divide

The gap is widening between those who have access to data, data literacy and resources, and those who don’t. Here’s why that matters — and what Splunk is doing to help.

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Data has changed the world. For businesses and governments, and also for issues that affect us all: climate change, racial and gender equality, even global health. But because not everyone can access, understand or use data equally, we’re now facing a problem called the “data divide.”


What is the data divide?

At Splunk, we define it as the growing difference between how data is used to create commercial value versus using it to solve social and environmental challenges.

Explore the content below and on our Global Impact page to learn how together we can bridge the data divide and create a more equitable, sustainable and healthy future.

Splunk research about the data divide

From Data Divide to Data Dividend (Europe)

Harnessing the benefits of government data to solve societal challenges — A WPI Economics Report for Splunk

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The data divide in the news

Data Divide in Action

Real-world ways that Splunk is helping bridge the data divide

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We’re committed to helping others use data to bridge the data divide and create a more equitable and sustainable future for all.