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We focus our strategic grants on advancing three key areas. 

field-building field-building


Growing the field of data science for social good with greater access and shared resources

data action data action

Data to action and impact

Supporting nonprofits that use data to solve social and environmental problems in scalable ways

workforce workforce

Workforce development

Addressing the skills gap with free tech training for university students and individuals from underserved communities

Meet our impact partners

We’re proud to support nonprofits working to bridge the data divide. Together, we’re partnering to harness the power of data for good. 

Field building

Ensuring the rights of people to security, dignity and equity in cyberspace

Splunk grants and technology support the CyberPeace Foundation’s efforts to advance cyber hygiene and cyber ethics with communities, institutions and organizations globally.

Using the power of data science and AI in service of humanity

We help DataKind build awareness and skills by supporting their upcoming how-to guides, participating in events and promoting skills-based volunteer opportunities.

Helping to build the global field of data for social impact

With Splunk’s support, launched Accelerate Aspirations, a comprehensive report on the key trends and tensions in the emerging field of data for social impact.

Supporting and scaling tech nonprofits tackling social problems

From grants to micro-mentoring that relies on Splunker expertise in engineering, marketing and sales, we help Fast Forward assist tech nonprofits in their startup journey.

Empowering the social sector with actionable data for better outcomes

Splunk funding helps Project Evident provide consulting partnerships, evidence-based practices and tools to help organizations make good decisions and craft stronger programs.

Breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty with the power of technology

Our financial support, along with products made available through TechBridge, help change agents address hunger relief, homelessness, social justice and workforce development.

Matching powerful innovations and technologies with communities who will benefit

Tech Matters uses Splunk grants to build tech solutions to address social challenges and works with social change leaders to understand what tech can and can’t do.

Data to action and impact

Using big data to build a stronger democracy

Splunk grants and technology supports the Center for New Data’s efforts to build data-driven solutions and leverage data analytics to protect voting rights.

Helping create economically sustainable, socially equitable and resilient places

Our grants to Community Lattice help support environmental and climate justice by using data science to understand and optimize land revitalization opportunities. 

Creating and upholding cyber peace and harmony worldwide

Splunk grants and technology support the CyberPeace Foundation’s efforts to advance cyber hygiene and cyber ethics with communities, institutions and organizations globally.

Providing data science tools for research on infectious and neglected diseases 

Splunk grants and technology help Ersilia use data science to support researchers in low-resourced settings, speeding up experiments and reducing the cost of new therapies.

Improving the economic lives of the socially vulnerable

Our grants help develop digital solutions that enable vulnerable groups like youth, women, migrants and refugees to improve their financial situation and make informed decisions. 

Supporting scalable surgical simulation training, so ophthalmologists can treat more people with cataracts

Splunk’s grants and technology support Help MeSee’s mission to restore vision to people living with severe visual impairment and blindness due to cataracts. 

Bringing together volunteer tech professionals to support disaster relief and recovery

We provide grants and promote volunteer opportunities to the ITDRC to provide responsive, technology-driven solutions that connect first responders and survivors after catastrophic events.

Building infrastructure to fight global human trafficking, child and forced labor

Splunk grants help RecollectiV build administrative and information infrastructure for frontline organizations supporting vulnerable populations in volatile environments.

Developing community-led solutions for social change across Africa

Splunk grants and technology help RLabs provide solutions that bring sustainable livelihoods and opportunity to people typically overlooked by innovation initiatives. 

Supporting African women entrepreneurs building clean energy businesses

Splunk grants help put clean power into the hands of the people in off-grid African communities. Funds enable training for women building sustainable energy-centered businesses.

Workforce development

Preparing and placing people from underserved communities into tech careers.

Splunk supports Generation through grants and free training in its mission to  transform education to employment systems to prepare, place and support people in life-changing careers. 

Advancing economic equity with tech skills 

Splunk grants and free training help Per Scholas provide skills training and access to employer networks for individuals often excluded from tech careers. 

Building a bridge for veterans to sustainable tech careers

Through training donations and grants, Splunk supports the TechVets mission to provide a bridge for veterans, Service leavers, reservists and their families into information technology careers

Enabling recent immigrants and refugees to work in their chosen fields 

Splunk supports Upwardly Global in its work to help newcomers adapt their education, skills and experience to the U.S. workforce through training, career coaching, networking and more.

Serving the underserved with career pathways for in-demand tech roles.

Splunk’s support helps WithYouWithMe work to solve the digital skills crisis while creating a more equitable world. 

Closing the gender gap and supporting women in information security

Splunk funding and free training helps the Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu provide training, networking, mentoring and resource sharing for women in cybersecurity.


Get answers to questions about our strategic giving. 

Our funding is by invitation only. Please reach out if you believe your organization may be a fit for Splunk.

Splunk grants are available to tax-exempt organizations designated as a “public charity” under IRS Code section 501(c)(3) or organizations that qualify as a 501(c)(3) equivalent.


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