Got pony?

Splunk’s UK office now has it’s very own pony – meet Butternut!

I was visiting our UK office for 2 weeks for partner/support training. This was my first time in London so I found a few things surprising: a) most of the beers served in pubs are flat, wtf? c) the Brits love fried stuff b) the Splunk office was a bit low energy, something was missing. However, the later all change when one day on our way to lunch Jaleh, one of our coworkers, noticed a pony on display – everyone was super excited and we just had to get it !!! For some reason, HR had to approve this first :)

This is what happened the following day

Matteo and Shaky carrying Butternut to his new home. People on the street seemed puzzled as to what were a bunch of grownups doing carrying this pony
Transporting Butternut

… in the office, Jaleh is officially branding Butternut as Splunk’s UK office pony, while Ellen is explaining to Butternut what’s happening
Branding of Butternut

.. here’s his face
Butternuts face

… and finally he’s sitting pretty greeting all guests coming in to the support chambers :)

Ledion Bitincka

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