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In the last episode of the Splunk Ninja series, Cloud Power, I gave a quick overview of Amazon’s EC2 Cloud Computing services and what they can be used for. In this episode I go in to a functional tour of where I’m at with EC2 today. As many know, I use EC2 for quick, flexible, full-control demos–a bit different of an approach and purpose than the demo’s we have on our website.

In response to the “Cloud Power” episode, Jeff Barr at the Amazon Web Services blog liked my demo video and pointed out how I made a comment the “there’s no pretty GUI” and I should check out the Elasticfox browser plugin. To Jeff@AWS, “thanks for the note, I did know about Elasticfox. I shot that video a few months ago, and have used Elasticfox several times since — (but secretly I still love the CLI)”

For the readers of my blog, and anyone who’s really interested in how I work with EC2, this video covers all of that, from using the Amazon EC2 Command-Line tools, to the Elasticfox browser plugin, a great service called Rightscale and even a bonus discovery a friend of mine made called “CloudStatus“.

As an “up-up-down-left-right-triangle-circle-R1-R2” combo, I also cover two cool Splunk Applications that are powerful ways to visualize your data that is in a Splunk server: Splunk Replay and Splunk Globe — best of all… shhh… they’re free! Ok, don’t keep it quiet. Think about how you might build something on top of Splunk. Were you aware Splunk is having its first ever Developer Boot Camp? Check it! and enjoy the video.

Ninja out.

P.S. – anyone who wants a “because ninja’s are too busy” Splunk t-shirt, email me at “thewilde at splunk dot com” — I will need your size and mailing address.

Comments welcome in the video timeline, or through the Seesmic video plugin (below) – Yes, you can just record a video and post it — however you’d like to talk back, please do!

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