Hidden in Plain Sight: A New Podcast That Brings Incredible Data Stories to Light

What if the solutions to all of our problems, all of humanity’s problems, were hidden in plain sight? Steady advances in machine learning and AI mean that world-changing insights may be waiting in the data we’re just learning to fully tap. And we’ve got a podcast to tell you all about it!

Splunk has partnered with Mission.org to create Hidden in Plain Sight, a podcast that explores the real-life people, teams and technologies tackling humanity's most complex problems. Each episode features big thinkers like Wired cofounder Kevin Kelly, Bill Goldstein, director of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and familiar Splunk voices like CEO Doug Merritt and blockchain expert Nate McKervey. We’re going to explore everything from augmented reality, privacy and cryptocurrency, to the effects of digitally powered fake news on truth and free speech. And the series is hosted by actress and activist Sophia Bush and the team at Mission.org. 

The transformative potential of data to improve everything is something that deserves more attention. That’s definitely a story Splunk can tell, and I’m really excited that we’re finding new ways to illustrate the possibilities and bring these stories to light. 

Subscribe to the podcast to get all the episodes. Here’s a preview of what’s been released so far, and what’s next:

  • Episode One: Entering the Mirror World
    Augmented and virtual reality will change how we see the world. Here’s how three digital futurists, including Wired magazine co-founder Kevin Kelly, see the near- and long-term potential of AR/VR.
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  • Episode Two: Bitcoin: A Lifeline in Venezuela
    A Venezuelan refugee reveals how cryptocurrency helped him survive in an economy of desperate hardship and crippling hyperinflation.
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  • Episode Three: Privacy Protection for Dissident Voices
    When digital communication becomes digital surveillance, freedom is threatened. A Financial Times reporter and the director of Human Rights Watch expose the risks we all face.
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  • Episode Four: Real Answers to Fake News
    Fake news: It’s everywhere. But Google’s Jigsaw team is using data to tackle the problem head-on.
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  • Episode Five: Conservation International: Can Data Literally Save the World?
    Land degradation, affecting 1.3 billion people, leads to famine, migration crises and more. Scientists are using data technology to identify how, and where, to intervene.
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  • Episode Six: Using Data to Fight Human Trafficking
    Human trafficking is a huge, yet often invisible, tragedy. The Global Emancipation Network is using advanced data technology to help local police tackle worldwide criminal networks.
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  • Episode Seven: Curing Disease With Data
    It can take 15 years to get one life-saving drug to market. But cutting-edge scientists are finding new ways to find the answers in unimaginable quantities of data, faster.
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  • Episode Eight: Using Data to Build a Secure Future
    Nuclear safety, national defense and cool experiments with an amazingly complex laser array: Here’s how the Lawrence Livermore National Lab crunches data to shape the future.
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  • Into the Data: An Aftershow with Sophia Bush
    This behind-the-scenes episode of Hidden in Plain Sight brings you an exclusive interview with actress, activist, and our host, Sophia Bush. Mission producers Chad and Stephanie join Sophia in-studio to talk about data stories she's following, the show, and what else she’s working on.
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  • New season. New topics. News guests. New format.
    Hidden in Plain Sight is back and better than ever. In our first season, we brought listeners highly-produced narrative episodes. This season, we’re taking a more conversational approach. Host Chad Grills, CEO of Mission.org, will be sharing the entirety of his dialogue with technology entrepreneurs, researchers, authors, data scientists, and more. And the one thread that unites all of these bold minds? They’re all working to uncover the solutions to our biggest problems that are hidden in plain sight. 
    Tune In Here for Two New Episodes Each Week

  • Season Two, Episode Eleven
    What’s it like to be the first-ever presidential CISO? Splunk Security Advisor and former CISO for Pete for America, Mick Baccio shares what he’s learned as former information warfare specialist for the Navy — and how what he learned in the public sector applies to infosec in the private world.
    Listen Here
  • Season Two, Episode Twenty Five
    To tap into the true power of data, you need a new mindset. Splunk CEO, Doug Merritt discusses four core principles of data leadership (transparency, diversity, collaboration, and courage) and how they prepare us for the Data Age.
    Listen Here

We’re partnering with Mission.org, which has been bringing tech and business-focused stories to the world for awhile now. In fact, last fall, we brought our data stories to the Mission’s flagship series, The Mission Daily, with appearances by a number of Splunkers, including Susan St. LedgerTim Tully and me. In particular, check out the episode in which Doug discusses how we can democratize data to change the world for the better. 


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