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Learn how ML-Assisted Thresholding in Splunk ITSI can recommend the optimal adaptive threshold configurations for KPIs so you can get up and running faster.

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IT 4 Min Read

Monitoring Model Drift in ITSI

In this blog we will talk about some strategies for monitoring your models in ITSI for model drift. This is the idea that the predictive models will become less accurate over time as the rules that were generated originally no longer match the data they are applied to.
IT 4 Min Read

Spring Has Sprung! And So Has Our New SAP Offering!

Splunk is excited to announce that our Splunk Service Intelligence for SAP® solutions (SI for SAP) content pack just released for general availability! Learn more about the significant value organizations around the world have seen by combining the power of SAP with Splunk.
IT 10 Min Read

How Splunk Is Parsing Machine Logs With Machine Learning On NVIDIA’s Triton and Morpheus

A global workforce, combined with the growing need for data, is driving an increasingly distributed and complex attack surface that needs to be protected. Sophisticated cyberattacks can easily hide inside this data-centric world, making traditional perimeter-only security models obsolete. The complexity of this interconnected ecosystem now requires one to assume that the adversary is already within the network and consequently must be detected there, not just at the perimeter.
IT 4 Min Read

Start Your Engines, Data Drivers

We kicked off the first round of our Data Drivers series here at Splunk where we invite you to come racing with us on, then use the data we create there to get hands-on with Splunk to extract actionable insights.
IT 3 Min Read

Splunk IT Essentials Work: A Centralized App for All Things ITOps

Learn how to use Splunk IT Essentials Work to monitor Windows, Exchange, Unix, Linux, VMware, and AWS and other infrastructure.
IT 2 Min Read

Monitor and Troubleshoot VMware Infrastructure with Splunk

Learn how to use Splunk IT Essentials Work to monitor VMWare workloads.
IT 4 Min Read

Data Drivers: Hands-on The Wheel and The Data

The race is on – discover how Splunk's powerful capabilities for IT and AIOps can be applied to motorsports with our new interactive series, Data Drivers, a fun and enlightening journey into bringing Splunk's Data-to-Everything Platform to racing.
IT 3 Min Read

How Microsoft Used Splunk’s Ethlogger to Turn Blockchain Data Into Supply Chain Insight

Microsoft went blockchain with their supply chain partners, and Splunk's Ethlogger was critical for the success of the blockchain consortium.
IT 1 Min Read

Three Keys to Unlocking the Power of Modern IT Infrastructure

Countless “data heroes” turning to data for insights, nuance and truth are the reason the world has been able to vault forward in an unprecedented digital transformation. As organizations rely more heavily on data and data teams to deliver on the promise of digital transformation and the cloud, it will be increasingly important to build an interconnected IT infrastructure.