Congratulations to Macy’s–#28 on Internet Retailer’s Top 500 List

As an online retailer with over 1 million unique visitors per day and hundreds of orders coming in per minute, downtime is not an option–especially between Black Friday and New Year’s. And if downtime were to occur, you need to know what happened, when in order to fix it immediately. This year, Macy’s avoided downtime and saw a 40% increase in sales during the “most wonderful time of the year,” thanks in part to Splunk.

If you’re anywhere near Atlanta tomorrow, join us for SplunkLive at the Crown Plaza Ravinia to learn more about how Macy’s landed at #28 on Internet Retailer’s Top 500 List. We’ve got Camille Balli from Macy’s, Dennis Scales from Fidelity National Information Services, and another special guest star detailing the ways they use Splunk to keep operations running smoothly.

Join us tomorrow in person if you can, otherwise, check back and I’ll have a more comprehensive snippet about these and other customers using Splunk to troubleshoot and solve problems more effectively, to make more time for business strategy and improvement projects…or coffee and video games.

Thanks, and remember to send me your success stories, or suggestions of the types of Splunk customers you’d like to see featured.

Happy Splunking!

Erin Sweeney

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