Splunk virtual .conf20. EMEA, far, wherever you are, I believe that the chart does go on

.conf20Hi everyone.

I hope you are well (and the main song from Titanic isn’t on permanent loop in your head based on the title above). We’re not far off .conf20 and with (20-20) hindsight I can’t quite believe this is going to be my eighth .conf. Clearly, this one is going to be a bit different with COVID and travel restrictions so .conf this year is going to be virtual. We’re running the event on multiple time zones so those of you around the world in APAC and EMEA aren’t going to have to get up at silly o’clock. 

Over the last seven years of .conf, we’ve had some pretty amazing keynote customer speakers from EMEA. These include Dubai Airport talking about being the airport of the future, the UK Ministry of Defence speaking about they use Splunk to “build, operate and defend”, BMW presenting how they use data and machine learning together and last year Porsche explained how they bring “Data To Everything” for the new electric Porsche Taycan. 

This year we’re delighted to have another great line up of speakers from across the region tell a very diverse set of stories across multiple use cases in a wide range of industries:

            The UK’s much loved NHS Digital are speaking at .conf about how they use Splunk Cloud for             multiple use cases across 7.5TB of data a day to ensure their IT has a clean bill of health. [Find the             NHS sessions here]

            BMW are back and talking about how they’ve continued to evolve their use of Splunk and (The             Ultimate Driving) Machine Learning. They will be talking about the car production line, efficiency             and predictive analytics. [Find the BMW session here]

            Bolloré, a leading global provider of international transport and logistics will be “delivering” how             they use Splunk for 360 degree business transaction tracing, business process efficiency,             detecting application issues and preventing them, to ensure  a positive customer experience. [Find             the Bolloré session here]

            I’m sure many of you are using AWS. Western Union are hoping to “transfer” their expertise and             experience on how they use Splunk Enterprise Security to hunt threats in their AWS environment             and provide full visibility and AWS cloud monitoring. [Find the Western Union session here]

            Saudi Aramco, one of the largest companies in the world, will be explaining how COVID has             disrupted the global economy, how it has changed how many companies operate from day to day             and the lessons they’ve learnt around OT/ICS cybersecurity during COVID-19. Data really is the             new oil – even for an oil company. [Find the Saudi Aramco session here]

            European telco, Swisscom, are doing a lot with their data and we’ve had the honour of having them             present many times at SplunkLive!s and previous .confs. This year their engineering team will be             talking about building single sign on across and “dialling” that into their DevOps approach. [Find             the Swisscom session here]

            Skyscanner will be discussing how they use Splunk as their SIEM and how they’ve integrated that             into their security practice and tools to improve their cybersecurity processes and allow them to             “take flight”. I’m looking forward to seeing their AWS Lambda + Slack app that lets Skyscanner             triage alerts from Slack, create JIRA tickets, and reuse existing processes within their security             team. [Find the Skyscanner session here]

            The Head of Big Data & Analytics and Cyber Security for The Israeli Ministry Of Energy will be             talking about their use of data to provide centralised cybersecurity analytics to ensure the safety,             reliability and integrity of private sector utilities so they can (literally) keep the lights on. [Find the             Israeli Ministry of Energy session here]

            GE Digital and Splunk partner Norlys will be talking about Security Orchestration Automation &             Response and the brilliantly titled “Top 5 Boring Security Tasks Every Security Team Should             Automate - Getting Started Edition.” The session should  be a sight for SOAR eyes. [Find the Norlys             session here]

If you’d like to find out all the sessions at this year’s .conf, you can find the full catalog to search here

I’m sorry we won’t get to see you all in person this year but as the event is virtual, we’ll hopefully see lots of you online at (virtual) .conf20. You can find everything you need here.

As always thanks for reading and sorry for the dad jokes…


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