Data Electrified - Porsche is Bringing Data to Everything with Splunk and the Taycan

A couple of weeks ago at .conf19, Splunk had the huge honour of showing how Porsche is “driving” huge value from its data using Splunk as its data-to-everything platform.

We had Tim Klapper, Stefan Arnold and Tobias Schug talk to 12,000 people about how Porsche’s goal is to deliver a premium digital experience centered around its customers and to build better software every day. 

We’ve made a video about how Porsche uses Splunk to deliver intelligent performance but also sustainability for the new all electric Porsche Taycan.Splunk is not only being utilised for the car but also for the charging infrastructure that is critical to successfully operating electric vehicles. In 2020 Porsche will be rolling out Machine Learning in Splunk to predict where to build the next charging station. 

You can see the “electrifying” Porsche story from Tim, Stefan and Tobias in the excerpt of the .conf19 Visionary and Roadmap keynote here (The Porsche section starts at 23:40.). It also includes a pretty amazing demo of Splunk Augmented Reality for the charging infrastructure. 

We also had a Porsche stand on the .conf19 keynote floor where Porsche's usage of data, Splunk analytics and the Porsche telemetry dashboards were demonstrated.

We were also delighted that the Porsche team presented three sessions on how they use Splunk in depth:

Splunk electrified: Building a modular application for the new Porsche Taycan

Data marriage on the shopfloor: when information from the supply chain and unstructured data get together

Process Mining Using Splunk at Porsche

Finally, Tim and the Porsche team have written their own blog post about how they use Splunk and their experience at .conf19. You can read that here.

My favourite quote from the Porsche team was “Splunk helps us turn data into doing - that’s the Porsche way”.

As always, thanks for reading.


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