Analytics-Driven Security
Splunk brings multiple IT areas together to enable collaboration and implement best practices to address modern cyber threat challenges.  
Art of the Possible
With technological innovations like sensors, robotics, communications, geospatial and analytics technologies, the art of the possible is within reach.  
The Cloud Opportunity
Your data holds the answers to business transformation in the cloud, and Splunk solutions provide the key to unlock those answers. Cloud equals opportunity.  
Enterprise Machine Data Fabric
The enterprise machine data fabric facilitates insights from your data to accelerate digital transformation for business innovation.                    
The New IT
In the new IT world it will take teams of really smart people using advanced software and working together to transform your business.           
Machine Learning
Machine learning extends the Splunk platform by adding predictive analytics capabilities using packaged and custom models.
The Power of Splunk Search
At the core of the Splunk platform is SPL™, Splunk’s Search Processing Language. It gives you the power to ask ANY question of ANY machine data.
Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps)
Machine learning and big data—the brains behind AIOps—empower IT to proactively contribute to business performance and be recognized for it.