Older Splunk Releases

Splunk provides previous releases for customers that need access to a specific version. When available, Splunk provides updates, upgrades, maintenance releases and reset keys only to Splunk Support customers. Software comes with a three digit number version. The first digit represents the major release (i.e. upgrade), the second digit identifies the minor releases (i.e. updates) and the third digit identifies the maintenance releases. With a new major version, the number to the left of the decimal is changed and for minor releases, the number to the right of the decimal point is increased. Subject to the foregoing, Splunk provides full Support, including, when available, bug fixes, only on the current major release and (a) the immediately prior major release or (b) twenty-four months from the then current major release, whichever period is greater (“Supported Prior Versions”).

The complete Splunk Support Agreement can be found here.

All Splunk releases are cumulative with fixes. Be sure to read the Release Notes and Security Announcement for the release to ensure that you will not encounter any problems.

Older releases of the Universal Forwarder are listed here.

Older releases of Hunk are listed here.

Note: Non-Linux releases downloaded from this page no longer include an active trial license. If you intend to use an older (non-Linux) release of Splunk for trial use, you will need to install an updated trial license. To do so:
1. Download enttrial.lic
2. Copy file to $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/licenses/download-trial/enttrial.lic or %SPLUNK_HOME%\etc\licenses\download-trial\enttrial.lic on Windows. Replace the existing file if it exists.
3. Restart Splunk if it is running: in Splunk Web, click Settings > Server controls.