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Splunk Threat Research Team

Integrate top-tier detections and defenses into your security operations to find and remediate threats faster.

This team of security experts develops security content in the form of detections, ML models and SOAR playbooks to help teams address time-sensitive threats and understand attack methods.

Splunk detection engineering process 

Learn how the Splunk Threat Research Team develops detections for Splunk security products.

detection engineering process

Study Threats

Identify emerging threats and understand how they operate 


Generate Datasets

Collect data and use Splunk to parse the data and identify patterns that can be used to detect the threat


Build Detections

Build rules or queries designed to identify specific activity associated with the threat


Test Detections

Run queries against a dataset that simulates attacker behavior to improve accuracy and reduce false positives



Package detections to deliver timely and effective protections against emerging threats to Splunk customers 

Power Your SOC with Threat Research


Access the latest detections

Leverage security content through the Enterprise Security Content Updates app, or the Splunk Security Essentials app. You can view the full repository of detections, use cases, and playbooks on the Splunk Security Content site. 

threat research blogs

Threat research blogs

Read in-depth overviews of various threats and their corresponding detections. 

Threat research tools

Test your detection searches against cyber attacks in a simulated environment utilizing open source tools from the Splunk Threat Research Team: Attack Range, Attack Data Repository and Melting Cobalt.

threat research tools
top cybersecurity threats

Top Cybersecurity Threats

Learn about some of the biggest security threats and how to detect and respond to them with Splunk.

Machine learning for security

Machine and deep learning detections to learn from data, identify patterns, and make decisions to help alert you to threats and anomalous behavior buried within vast amounts of data.

Related security products

Protect your business and elevate your security operations with a best-in-class data platform, advanced analytics and automated investigations and response.

attack-analyzer attack-analyzer

Splunk Attack Analyzer

Automatically detect and analyze the most complex credential phishing and malware threats.

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enterprise-security enterprise-security

Splunk Enterprise Security

A security analytics solution that moves at the speed of your business with out-of-the-box detections to stay ahead of threats.

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Splunk SOAR

Work smarter by automating repetitive security tasks, respond to incidents in seconds, and increase analyst productivity and accuracy to better protect your business.

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Splunk Mission Control Splunk Mission Control

Splunk Mission Control

Detect, investigate and respond to threats from one modern and unified work surface.

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Splunk Security Essentials Splunk Security Essentials

Splunk Security Essentials

Extend the power of the Splunk Platform for enhanced visibility and improved detections with threat research.

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Splunk User Behavior Analytics Splunk User Behavior Analytics

Splunk User Behavior Analytics

Secure against unknown threats through user and entity behavior analytics using machine learning.

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Rapid response to high-profile security events

Gain early contextual awareness and initial response techniques for high-profile security events from SURGe by Splunk.