Driving the Digital Evolution

Splunk Next and our latest releases help you work the way your data works no matter where, when or how you need it. 

Splunk Next

A Bold New Frontier in Data

Evolve with a series of visionary technologies.

We’ve reimagined how you access your data, ask questions and automate your business actions. Splunk Next brings the power of Splunk to more data sources and more people—no matter where, when or how they access data—to deliver limitless insights and meaningful outcomes.

These innovations are made available through our beta programs. Transform and evaluate data in motion with Splunk Data Stream Processor. Search at massive scale through Splunk Data Fabric Search. Track the entire customer journey with Splunk Business Flow. Our Splunk Developer Cloud creates a cloud-native hub for building apps. Splunk Insights for Web and Mobile Apps helps improve the quality and experience delivered by your apps. Discover more ways to interact with Splunk products with Splunk Mobile and Splunk TV. Use Splunk Natural Language to ask questions using voice and text and get an instant response.

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New World of Exploration

Regardless of use case, Splunk propels you to the next era.

Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud now offer new features to help take on this new frontier. SmartStore allows the independent scaling of computing power and data storage to maximize data management flexibility and maintain search performance and it works alongside Workload Management, which simplifies the allocation and prioritization of compute and memory resources. The Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit also extends the value of the Splunk platform by enabling users to apply machine learning to their data for actionable and predictive insights. And making Splunk even easier to use is the new Metrics Workspace, which allows for metrics analysis without writing SPL.

In addition, Splunk Cloud's Dynamic Data: Active Archive option helps you meet regulatory and compliance requirements with cost-effective storage of your infrequently used data.


Survival of the Fittest – Don’t Miss a Threat

Be ready and neutralize the threat with these latest security options.

Splunk Enterprise Security 5.2 introduces several features focused on maintaining a dominant security posture. Event Sequencing helps to optimize threat detection and accelerate investigation, the Use Case Library enables faster detection and incident response, and an enhanced Investigation Workbench reduces the time to contain and remediate incidents..

With Splunk User Behavior Analytics 4.2, improve your threat detection accuracy and anomaly customization, and data ingestion performance by incorporating user feedback from machine learning models.

And New Splunk Phantom 4.0 features contribute to a stronger security stance as well. Scale deployments horizontally with clustering, capture threat-intel centric insights with the new Indicator View — all of this with native Splunk search and storage support at a single source for your security data.


Don't Go the Way of the Dodo – Predict and Prevent

Prevent extinction with prediction.

Splunk ITSI 4.0 offers KPI Prediction, Predictive Cause Analysis, and Seamless Integration with VictopOps. KPI Predictions provide deeper insights into potential health degradation, while Predictive Cause Analysis helps you drill down into the specific KPIs underlying a predicted issue. And with integration to VictorOps, we’ve streamlined the monitoring, detections, alerting, and response process so the right people can be engaged with timely information to collaboratively resolve issues. Other new features also include Metrics-Enabled KPIs, Splunk App for Infrastructure Integration, and new algorithms for predictive features.

Our recent acquisition of VictorOps complements Splunk by providing alerts to the right people and teams to acknowledge, collaborate across teams, and quickly solve problems. With integrations with Splunk Enterprise, Splunk App for Infrastructure and Splunk ITSI, integrating Splunk and VictorOps is easy, and engages the right people at the right time for streamlined DevOps and incident management.


Avoid the Big One

Join the next industrial evolution with predictive maintenance.

Go beyond the data center and onto the field and factory floor to realize the potential of smart technology. Splunk for Industrial IoT enables operations teams to proactively monitor, optimize, and secure industrial assets, facilities, and operations. Gain the ability to collect, search, analyze and visualize data from complex industrial applications and physical assets.