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Activate search and analytics, anywhere

Activate search and analytics regardless of where your data lives — on-site, in the cloud or through a third party.


Access your entire hybrid environment

Search across deployments

Trigger and correlate searches across a wider data fabric to access relevant datasets and apply the search pipeline to the results in a distributed manner.

Note that this is a feature in development; please refer to the release notes for current availability.

search across deployments search across deployments

Any source, anytime

Search important data sourced from endpoints, collaboration tools, cloud sources and more.

any source any source

Give it a spin

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u.s. census bureau background u.s. census bureau background


The U.S. Census Bureau Uses Data to Shape America’s Future

At the core of our fusion center are Splunk’s dashboards and reports, which leadership relies on to know what’s going on and make better decisions.

Atri Kalluri, Senior Advocate, Decennial Census Response Security and Data Integrity, U.S. Census Bureau


From analytics to action

Advanced analytics capabilities for your teams

data driven story data driven story
Tell a data-driven story

Customizable dashboards and data visualizations give voice to your data to create impactful narratives that drive action.

critical alerts critical alerts
Trigger critical alerts

Alerts can signal critical events in real time and automatically kick off subsequent actions.

take action take action
Report and take action

Reports can be created in real time or scheduled to run at any interval.

Faster visual analysis

Accelerate time to action with easy-to-use, visual data analytics capabilities.

faster visual analysis faster visual analysis

Explore the Splunk App marketplace

Splunkbase has 1,000+ Apps and Add-ons from Splunk experts, partners and community members to help you get the most out of the platform.

splunk app marketplace splunk app marketplace

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Start your free trial now and explore more platform features. 


Put your data to work

search and investigate search and investigate

Search and investigate

Use the Splunk search interface to investigate and troubleshoot issues.

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dashboarding and reporting dashboarding and reporting

Dashboarding and Reporting

Share investigation results with the team at large.

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develop custom apps develop custom apps

Develop custom apps

Extend the power of the platform by building apps and add-ons customized to your needs.

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More from Splunk


Can your dashboards tell a story?

Learn how Splunk dashboards combine the best of Simple XML, classic glass tables and cutting-edge visualization and editing capabilities. 



Turn data into doing

Splunk Admin

Manage your enterprise data operations at scale.

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IT / Data Analysts

Detect and analyze issues before they become problems.

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Collect data from across your infrastructure.

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NOC / SOC Admin

Detect and analyze outliers, and resolve outages and attacks quickly.

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your team your team

The Splunk Platform

Explore other platform capabilities

Foundational data capabilities that fuel outcomes for ITOps, Security, DevOps and more.

data streaming data streaming

Data Streaming

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scalable index scalable index

Scalable Index

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machine learning machine learning

Machine Learning

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collaboration and orchestration collaboration and orchestration

Collaboration and Orchestration

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Use the Splunk platform to turn data into doing.