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State of Security 2024: The Race to Harness AI

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In 2024, security teams face new opportunities and obstacles, such as escalating geopolitical tensions, stricter compliance mandates, and the rise of generative AI — which will transform the industry in new and unexpected ways.

In the State of Security 2024: The Race to Harness AI, we identify organizations that are pulling ahead of their peers and share key characteristics and findings.

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  • 91% of security teams use generative AI, but 65% say they don’t fully understand the implications.
  • 48% have experienced cyber extortion, making it a more common cyberattack in 2024 than ransomware.
  • 86% said the current geopolitical climate is contributing to their organization being targeted more.
  • 76% say tightening compliance mandates that increase personal liability makes cybersecurity a less attractive field.

Download the full report to learn how cybersecurity leaders are overcoming obstacles, innovating with AI and boosting digital resilience.

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