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The State of Security 2021

SolarWinds, ransomware, remote work and more: Security leaders flag cloud complexity as top challenge.


Security is a data problem

of organizations say keeping up with security challenges is harder than it was two years ago.
of security and IT leaders worry that they’ll be hit by a SolarWinds-style attack.
of organizations say they’re increasing security spending — and 35% say “significantly."

Our global survey finds that the challenges of a post-COVID, post-SolarWinds world have security and IT leaders scrambling for new strategies.

4% Decrease, 12% Significant Increase, 41% Increase, 1% Don't Know

Increase in cyberattacks


What perimeter?

76% of security and IT leaders say remote workers are harder to secure — and there are twice as many to keep track of now, thanks to the pandemic.


  • The response: Security teams are automating processes, adopting cloud-based controls and fine-tuning detection rules.
  • 83% of respondents say remote work has increased collaboration between IT and security.


Security analytics comes of age

82% of organizations say security analytics drives security decision-making more than it did two years ago — underscoring a top-down trend.


  • Key reasons for analytics’ rise: compliance, more data sources, AI/ML adoption and exploding data volume.
  • Hand-in-hand with analytics: rising adoption of automation and machine learning.
45% Threat Detection, 39% Security Controls, 41% Risk ID

Where analytics impacts security

41% Cloud Security, 32% Cyber Risk Managment, 27% Network Security, 24% Security Operations, 22% Security Analytics, 21% Endpoint Security

Key areas of security investment


How leaders face new threats

A modern security posture includes a revitalized security operations center (SOC) and a consolidated view of security data from across your organization.


  • You can’t secure the perimeter. Focus on the endpoint with a zero trust model.
  • In the SOC, use automation and a cutting-edge SIEM to find real threats amid the noise of low-priority alerts.

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