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Driving Sustainability Leadership

Leveraging technology to overcome sustainability challenges and drive change for the future.

Driving Sustainability Leadership
Sustainability Leadership in the Financial Services industry

Financial services

Sustainability leadership in the Financial Services industry

Financial services is the underlying infrastructure on which we will affect sustainable change. As we move away from pure play investment metrics and embrace a framework that accommodates a return on overall impact, a greener financial system is critical to the success of sustainability transformation.


Sustainability leadership in the Retail industry

The retail industry employs billions of people & represents over 30% of global GDP. Be it developing ethical supply chains or mapping the carbon footprint of delivering products from source to consumption, how it embraces the values of sustainability in business will critically define the future of our planet.

Sustainability Leadership in the Retail industry
Sustainability Leadership in the Public Sector

public sector

Sustainability leadership in the Public sector (City and Legal council)

Public sector, especially cities and councils carry much of the responsibility to deliver sustainable change at the grass root level. All new policy, regulation and governance consists of progressive requirements from both, an environmental perspective as well as developing people skills for the future.


Sustainability leadership in the Telecommunications industry

The ICT industry could be responsible for as much as 14% of global greenhouse gases by 2040. When we look at the explosion of data, devices and the corresponding networks, it’s no surprise that e-waste is now the fastest growing waste stream in the world. This has put tremendous pressure on the Telecom industry to innovate & digitally transform to build for the future.

Sustainability Leadership in the Telecommunications industry
Sustainability Leadership in the Utilities industry


Sustainability leadership in the Utilities industry

No other industry has felt the global impact of sustainability transformation than the energy & utility sector. The race to renewables is well underway, and global capital is moving away from legacy fuel. The speed at which this sector can shift the balance from fossil fuel powered operations to a greener & cleaner future, will have a cascading impact on all other sectors.


Sustainability leadership in the Automotive industry

With an ever increasing global population, the future of mobility will look very different to what it is today. Automotive brands are investing billions in the development and production of clean fuelled vehicles – biofuels, EVs, hydrogen-powered etc. As part of the readiness for these new age vehicles, this sector has to also quickly build out a completely new infrastructure from the ground up to sustain this fast growth industry.

Sustainability Leadership in the Automotive industry