Stupid Perforce Trick #1

We use Perforce at Splunk, and it’s worked out pretty well for us. I’m a CVS admin at heart, and I know there’s some SVN sentiment, but p4 gives us a nice mix of atomic commits, attractive GUI and command-line tools, and someone to call for help if it ever completely eats itself.

Over time I’ve compiled a small library of scripts for various p4 functions that have been written time and again at different sites…mergetool is one of them. This little tool accepts a merge target (“yours” in p4-speak) and projectile (“theirs” in p4), labels both, performs an integrate, and performs a “safe” resolve -as. It logs any failures for you to resolve by hand, or submits the change set if the resolve completes successfully. It does this with a bunch of logging in a well-organized, date-stamped directory suitable for archiving (or splunking).

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