Having Fun with Splunk and Max

Here I’m testing a simple Max/MSP patch using the [udpsend] object to Splunk listening on localhost:8002.

Using Splunk to check consistency of a sin function based log generator written in Max.

The Max patch to the right is generating a log entry many times a second, the exact amount being modulated by a [sin] object. Since the sin wave is pretty easy to detect discrepancies in, I can just eyeball for dropped packets or latency. With this information, and an eye on my system load using some code stolen from our Unix App, I can safely proceed knowing what load I can push my system to during demos running both Splunk and Max before I see problems using this setup.

I’ll be turning this communication the other way at User Conf 2012 when I use Cycling 74’s Max/MSP with Jitter 2D/3D graphics and matrix processing library to visualize data from Splunk.


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