A custom search command for Yelp

A while ago we posted on search commands and how to build a basic generating command which creates dummy “Hello World” events. Generating commands can be used for much more including talking to external APIs. For example, a fun command to think about would be allowing you to search for restaurants, theaters, etc using Yelp’s API. We’ve posted a sample Yelp search command that does just that. You can find it on github here.

Using the command you can do things like search for Sushi and Italian restaurants in SF:

| yelp location="San Franciso" term=sushi,italian

Or if you are an adventurer, you can find out where to make that next skydive when you visit New Zealand :-)

| yelp location="Auckland, New Zealand" term="Sky diving"

If you clone the repo you’ll get all the source for the command to see how you can implement one. In the readme, you will see the details for setup and usage.

Enjoy building custom search commands and happy yelping!

Glenn Block

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