Splunk Remote Work Insights: Expanding Insights into Video Conferencing Operations

Since we launched Splunk Remote Work Insights (RWI) in late March, we have been focused on helping our customers and the community understand how their workforce is staying connected, productive and engaged as we all continue to work across largely distributed teams. Our initial release included an executive dashboard to monitor virtual private network (VPN) access as an indicator of connectivity, authentication to business applications as a sign of productivity, and Zoom video conferencing as a measure of engagement. We have appreciated learning how you are using Splunk and your suggestions to enhance our solutions. 

Ask Questions of Your Cisco WebEx, Microsoft Teams and Zoom Data 

At Splunk, we have nearly doubled our Zoom video conferencing use with our shift to work from home. We have heard similar stories from you and received your feedback that, in addition to Zoom, video conferencing via Cisco WebEx and Microsoft Teams is critical to so many of you. In response, we are pleased to have released Cisco WebEx Meetings Add-on for Splunk and Microsoft Teams Add-on for Splunk to streamline your access to data from these services. We have also expanded the RWI - Executive Dashboard to provide a single solution that incorporates VPN, authentication, and video conferencing operations with a common view across all three video conferencing solutions. All of these updates are available free to Splunk Cloud and on-premises users. 

Within the RWI - Executive Dashboard, the Video Conferencing Ops dashboard allow you to ask the following questions of your Cisco WebEx, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom data:

  • How many meetings occur each day?
  • How long do they last?
  • What is the distribution of meetings by size?
  • What types of meetings are being held?
  • How many unique participants are using video conferencing services?

In addition, because there is some variation in data provided by each video conferencing service, we have created customized views for each option beyond the Video Conferencing Ops common view.

While much of the dashboard content is similar, each service provides distinguishing data details. For example, the WebEx view separates events from meetings. Teams indicate whether meetings are created as peer-to-peer connections or as group meetings. And Zoom differentiates between impromptu, scheduled, and recurring meetings. If you need an even deeper dive, we also provide dedicated applications for each service. 







Making it Easier to Onboard your Video Conferencing Data

In this time of uncertainty, we have made it easy to get started with any of these capabilities through free 90 day cloud trials with expert data onboarding assistance. And for those who want to get started on your own, we are also delighted to announce the release of Splunk Add-on for RWI - Executive Dashboard, a guided wizard to assist with application configuration and data access. 

Managing your enterprise during crises and uncertainty is tough. We are here to provide solutions and assistance to make it easy for you to include video conferencing services as part of your Data to Everything needs. 

Dawn Manley

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