Basketball, Data and the Growth Mindset

Over the last few weeks I’ve had an exciting time traveling through North Carolina and New York to visit with our customers, and I was honored to speak at the Kenan Institute on the beautiful University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill campus. The students, faculty and I used this as a chance to talk about identifying market opportunity and the growth mindset required to build high growth companies.

It was a pleasure to share some of what I’ve learned in my career—lessons that could be useful for anyone navigating a fast-paced environment, particularly as technology is changing our world so quickly. But I believe that no matter the pace of growth in your team or organization, adopting a growth mindset will help you better serve customers, unlock the potential of your team, and help you disrupt yourself when you’re on top.

As a first step, think about what you’re doing to take on a growth mindset or encouraging a growth mindset across your teams:

  • Are you giving candid, timely feedback to teammates?
  • Are you examining and re-examining recent performance and how you can improve next time?
  • Are you pushing your teams out of their comfort zones?

Check out my keynote at the UNC Kenan Institute to hear more about this.

It’s not always easy to maintain a high growth mindset, but I can tell you that it will be some of the most rewarding work you’ll do. At Splunk, we are always looking for people with high-growth mindsets, so if that sounds like you, and you are looking for a bright future with big data, check out our career opportunities.

Susan St. Ledger

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