#splunkconf18 Preview: Machine Learning

It's that time of the year where you likely find yourself asking, “What machine learning sessions should I plan on attending during .conf18?”

Happening in Orlando, FL, from October 1-4, .conf18 has more than 70 sessions around machine learning! So no matter what your level of expertise is, we've got a session for you. Here's a look at some of the sessions you might want to attend and add to your .conf18 agenda via the session scheduler.

Just starting with machine learning? Check out these sessions:

FN1429 - Using the Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit to Create Your Own Custom Models

(Thursday, October 4, 12:15-1pm)
Adam Oliner, Director of Engineering, Splunk
Harsh Keswani, Product Manager: Machine Learning, Splunk

Get introduced to the Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit and review what's new since the last major release. We will also demonstrate the key features for guided model building across a variety of machine learning tasks such as predictive analytics, outlier detection, event clustering and anomaly detection.

Find out how Splunk customers and partners are leveraging the Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit to support their organizational goals:

FN1199 - Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing at BMW
(Wednesday, October 3, 11:30am-12:15pm)
Iman Makaremi, Principal Data Scientist, Splunk
Dipock Das, Senior Director, Product Management, Incubation, Splunk
Boulos El Asmar, Dipl.-Ing., BMW

Learn how BMW is leveraging machine learning and natural language processing to become more proactive than ever—to better understand the mobility of vehicles in major cities, customer satisfaction and revenue.

FN1398 - Splunk and the Machine Learning Toolkit in Action: Customer Use Cases
(Wednesday, October 3, 12:45-1:30pm)
Andrew Stein, Principal Product Manager, Machine Learning, Splunk
Iman Makaremi, Principal Data Scientist, Splunk

Demystify the machine learning process with Andrew and Iman, showcasing how common themes of machine learning are used for different outcomes at customers around the world, and giving you next steps for achieving success at home!

FN1409 - Extending Splunk MLTK using GitHub Community
Thursday, October 4, 11-11:45am)
Gyanendra Rana, Senior Product Manager, Splunk
Nathan Worsham, IS Security Administrator, Pinnacol Assurance

Expand your ability to solve custom uses cases through sharing and reusing algorithms in the Splunk Community for MLTK on GitHub. Learn about new machine learning algorithms from the Splunk open source community and help fellow MLTK users.

IT1396 - TransUnion and a Time Traveling Delorean: MTTR Fading Like Marty McFly
(Wednesday, October 3, 3:15-4pm)
Andrew Stein, Principal Product Manager: Machine Learning, Splunk
Steve Koelpin, Lead Splunk Engineer, TransUnion

Learn how TransUnion is using custom machine learning with the Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) and the Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit (MLTK) to achieve negative MTTR (Mean Time To Resolution) by reaching a predictive and preventative state.

SEC1507 - Busting E-Commerce Scammers with Splunk
(Thursday, October 4, 12:15-1pm)
J.R. Murray, VP, Technical Services, Gemini Data
Juan Morales, Senior Business Analyst

Murray and Morales will show how to use Splunk in a real-world customer environment to identify and stop fraud before it happens, reduce chargebacks and empower fraud analysts to mitigate risks and minimize financial losses, utilizing their own online order systems data.​

IoT1568 - Digital Transformation in Manufacturing: How to Adopt Machine Learning Without Costly Tech Migrations
(Wednesday, October 3, 4:30-5:15pm)
Brian Bates, Engineering Manager, Stimson Lumber Company
Greg Baumgardner, IT Director, Stimson Lumber Company

Let’s look at some situations where the Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit can generate knowledge and prompt decisions to keep industrial assets running longer without running to failure.

For our advanced audience, check out these sessions:

FN1364 - Using Spark and MLLib for Large Scale Machine Learning With Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit
(Thursday, October 4, 11-11:45am)
Lin Ma, Principal Software Engineer, Splunk
Fred Zhang, Principal Data Scientist, Splunk

Lin and Fred will introduce you to the limited availability release of Splunk MLTK Connector for Apache Spark™ where you’ll learn how to leverage your own Spark Cluster w/ MLLib for Large Scale Model Training against your big-data in Splunk. Think of this new MLTK based app that is basically a seamless connector to take advantage of distributed MLLib algorithms from Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit.

FN1478 - Exciting, To-Be-Announced Platform Session
(Wednesday, October 3, 4:30-5:15pm)
Phillipp Drieger, Staff Machine Learning Architect, Splunk

This session will be all about exciting Platform-related content that we'll announce soon. We can't tell you about it just yet, but trust us—it's awesome.

Want more? Don't miss these:

IT1394 - Art of “Reality” for ITSI and the MLTK: There is No Spoon.
(Tuesday, October 2, 1-1:45pm)
Andrew Stein, Principal Product Manager: Machine Learning, Splunk
Nate Smalley, Sales Engineering Leader, Splunk
Arvind Swaminathan, Product Manager, ITSI (Machine Learning), Splunk

Do you know how to customize Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) with your own machine learning for any use case? Let’s take a hands-on tour of real-world use cases that customize ITSI and the Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit (MLTK).

FN1539 - Experiment Management Framework Walkthrough in the Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit
(Wednesday, October 3, 2-2:45pm)
Harsh Keswani, Product Manager: Machine Learning, Splunk
Iryna Vogler, Sr. Principal UX Designer, Splunk

Walkthrough the new Experiment Management Framework in MLTK with Harsh and Iryna, to learn what's new in the framework and why. Followed by a live demo run.

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