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Splunk Ventures

Supporting innovation that transforms data into value

What is Splunk Ventures?

Splunk Ventures is dedicating $150 million to invest in organizations that expand and enhance data’s business value and have a positive impact on society.

Innovation Fund

Innovation Fund

Focused on accelerating growth of companies that are helping transform data into business value

Social Impact Fund

Social Impact Fund

Focused on accelerating growth of companies that are using data to drive positive social impact, workforce development, equality and sustainability

Splunk Ventures is guided by three core principles:

  • Transformative innovation is only possible with a strong ecosystem


  • Great teams that change the world are made up of diverse backgrounds and experiences


  • We have an obligation to use data for the good of society


Core Principles

Current Portfolio Companies

These companies are partnering with Splunk to help customers turn data into value in IT, Cybersecurity, Business Analytics, Internet of Things and beyond!

Acalvio Acalvio


Distributed Deception Platform

Aclima Aclima


Air Quality Analytics

Armored Things Armored Things

Armored Things

Crowd Intelligence Platform

big-id big-id


Data Intelligence and Management

Celonis Celonis


Process Mining and Execution Management System

ermetic-logo ermetic-logo


Cloud Entitlement & Security Posture Management

harness harness


Software Delivery Platform

jupiter-one jupiter-one


Cyber Asset Management and Governance

orca-security orca-security

Orca Security

Agentless Cloud Security and Compliance

retrain-ai retrain-ai

Workforce Upskilling and Retraining Platform

TalentSky TalentSky


Skills-Based Social Platform

Exited Portfolio Companies

Mesh7 Mesh7


Cloud Native Application Security

Zonehaven Zonehaven


Data-driven Wildfire Evacuation System

Benefits of Partnering with Splunk Ventures

Partnering with Splunk Ventures gives you more than just capital, it gives you access to the leading data analytics platform and the team behind it.
splunk-light splunk-light

Splunk Technology

Differentiated access to Splunk technology to drive data insights to your product

splunk-light splunk-light

Splunk Ecosystem

Plug into an extensive ecosystem of companies and technologies that are turning data into doing

solutions solutions

Splunk Expertise

Advice from Splunk operating teams across go-to-market, engineering and IT, including senior leadership

ease ease

Splunk Partnership

Opportunity for deeper go-to-market and co-marketing partnerships

Want to Work with Splunk Ventures?

We’re looking to invest in teams that are passionate about using data to create value for customers and the world at large. If you are building a data-driven company and are interested in working closely with Splunk, please contact us and tell us more.

Splunk Ventures