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Splunk Learning Rewards

Learning Rewards program will be ending on July 31, 2024. The last date you can order SWAG through the Learning Rewards program is July 30, 2024.

Redeem Your Rewards

Complete Splunk Training and Certification classes and receive points that you can redeem for Splunk swag!

We want to reward you for enrolling and completing classes to help you turn data into action fast and at scale.

Check out the items that you can redeem and get started by registering for a class today. Login with your account.

End of Program FAQs

The end date for this program is July 31, 2024.

Customers have until Sunday, July 21, 2024, to complete Splunk education courses and still redeem reward points from these courses.

The last date that customers can order SWAG through the Learning Rewards program is July 30, 2024.

Customers can log into the Learning Rewards program site with their Splunk credentials here.

Splunk Education Courses and Point Value Matrix

Course Name (eLearning with Labs and Instructor-Led Training) Point Value
Using Fields (eLearning with Labs or ILT) 3
Scheduling Reports and Alerts (eLearning with Labs) 3
Visualizations (eLearning with Labs) 3
Working with Time 3
Statistical Processing 3
Comparing Values 3
Result Modification 3
Leveraging Lookups and Sub-searches 3
Correlation Analysis 3
Search Under the Hood (eLearning with Labs) 3
Multivalue Fields 3
Creating Knowledge Objects 3
Creating Field Extractions 3
Enriching Data with Lookups 3
Data Models 3
Introduction to Dashboards (eLearning with Labs or ILT) 3
Dynamic Dashboards 3
Creating Maps 3
Search Optimization 3
Splunk Cloud Administration 13
Splunk Enterprise System Administration 9
Splunk Enterprise Data Administration 13
Transitioning to Splunk Cloud 9
Troubleshooting Splunk Enterprise 9
Splunk Enterprise Cluster Administration 13
Implementing Splunk Data Stream Processor (DSP) 18
Implementing Splunk SmartStore 5
Architecting Splunk Enterprise Deployments 9
Splunk Deployment Practical Lab 9
Using Splunk Enterprise Security 13
Administering Splunk Enterprise Security 13
Using Splunk IT Service Intelligence 5
Implementing Splunk IT Service Intelligence 18
Splunk for Analytics and Data Science 13
Creating Classic Dashboards 6
Advanced Dashboards and Visualizations 5
Building Splunk Apps 9
Developing with Splunk's REST API 9
Investigating Incidents with Splunk SOAR 3
Administering SOAR 3
Developing SOAR Playbooks 9
Advanced SOAR Implementation 13
Fundamentals of Metrics Monitoring in Splunk Observability 6
Visualizing and Alerting in Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring 5
Automation Using the REST and SignalFlow APIs 9
Using the Splunk IM Terraform Provider 9
Kubernetes Monitoring with Splunk Observability Cloud 3
Ingesting Application Metrics in Splunk IM 5
Using Splunk Application Performance Monitoring 5
Configuring Tracing and Profiling for Splunk APM 3
Manual Instrumentation with Splunk APM 3
Using the Splunk Log Observer 5
Splunk On-Call Administration 5
Services Core Implementation 18

Frequently asked questions

What is the Learning Rewards program all about?

This program is open to Splunk customers that enroll and complete specific education courses. When a customer enrolls and completes the specific education course, they will earn a certain number of points. These points are eligible to be redeemed for specific Splunk swag.

Which education courses are eligible to earn points for this program?

The rewards are available for paid education courses only. Free Splunk education courses are not eligible to earn reward points. The courses that are available to earn reward points include paid eLearning and instructor-led courses located at the Splunk Education website.

Who is eligible to earn points for this program?

Splunk customers are eligible for this program with the exception of the SplunkWork+ Programs or subscription customers. Currently this program is not available to Splunk employees and partners.

How does a customer that has earned points redeem them for Splunk swag?

Customers will redeem these points on a new Splunk Learning Rewards website. This site does not accept any credit cards. The only way to redeem items from this site is with points earned from select courses.

Customers can access the rewards site via this link. The customer will have to log into their Splunk account in order to access the rewards site.

Can a customer take their reward points with them if they leave their current company and go to another company that uses Splunk?

We cannot transfer reward points across accounts. Learners with reward points are advised to redeem their points for Splunk swag before their last day at their current employer. Once a learner starts at their new employer, they can start to earn reward points again as they complete additional courses.

How many points will a customer receive per course completed?

Each noted Splunk education course has a point value assigned to it. Once the course is completed, the points become available to redeem on the Learning Rewards site via your account. Included above is a list of the Splunk education courses that you can earn points from completing.

Ready to redeem your rewards?