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Splunk Mission Control

Unifying security operations in the cloud

mission-control mission-control

Transforming the SOC with a Unified SecOps Experience

Product Capabilities
Gain contextual visibility and manage your entire security infrastructure from one platform

Common Work Surface

Stop pivoting between multiple security tools and management consoles. Detect, manage, investigate, hunt, contain and remediate threats — all from a common work surface that is fully integrated with Splunk Enterprise Security.

common-work-surface common-work-surface
security-data-analytics-operations security-data-analytics-operations

Unify Security Data, Analytics, and Operations

Splunk Mission Control unifies your security data, analytics and operations functionality under one cloud-based platform to streamline workflows and increase team efficiency.

Open Plug-in Framework

Simply plug-in your best-of-breed security products into Splunk Mission Control to achieve seamless, unified security operations in the cloud.

open-plug-in-data open-plug-in-data

What can you do with Splunk?