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Splunk Academic Alliances 

Splunk Academic Alliances aims to bridge the skills gap by bringing Splunk training directly to you, in the places you already do your learning. Access to free training content, instructor resources and support are available for students, faculty and schools to prepare students to hit the job market with highly sought-after skills.

Is the Splunk Academic Alliance program for you?

continuous security monitoring

Academic institutions - Join universities around the world who rely on Splunk to teach students about big data analytics, practical cybersecurity and data-driven research.

advanced threat detection

Faculty/staff - Bring the power of Splunk to your classroom! Packaged by certification, role or product, we can provide the tools and training to bring Splunk directly to your classroom.

rapid threat investigation and response

Students - It’s never too late to start your Splunk education. We believe that all learners should have access to free training, materials and resources to upskill, change careers or take their learning to new heights.

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