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Forging the Future

How industry leaders use data to be more innovative, secure and resilient.

the data advantage



The data advantage

The most successful organizations across industries are using data to make faster decisions and achieve better results, including:

  • Moving to the cloud for greater agility (Nasdaq) and proactively solving problems for higher profitability (Honda).
  • Providing reliable digital experiences when people need them most (Agero).
  • Contributing to a safer world — from delivering essentials during the pandemic (Tesco) to scaling COVID-19 testing (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign).


Secrets of security at scale

Leaders stay one step ahead of the cyber villains by safeguarding systems, hunting threats faster and amplifying efforts through automation.


  • Slack used Splunk to seamlessly transition to remote work while operating in a zero trust network.
  • McGraw Hill completed 22 months’ worth of manual tasks and resolved nearly 9,500 security events in six months via automated response.
  • Domino’s automated workflows to identify and mitigate incidents in minutes, not hours.
Secrets of security at scale
it & devops

IT & DevOps

Innovation for today and tomorrow

Knowing what’s happening across their complex environments helps forward thinkers accelerate time to market, prevent problems and deliver reliable experiences.


  • The Philippines’ Globe Telecom went from 20 monitoring screens to one for 80% faster incident detection with 40% fewer resources needed.
  • 2021 unicorn Quantum Metric has 96% faster app development, better capacity planning and a more reliable customer experience. 
  • Lenovo cut troubleshooting time in half and ensured 100% uptime despite a 300% increase in online traffic on Black Friday.

Taking Action

Join the leaders

Organizations that turn data into action will be at the forefront of a post-pandemic world — and the time to prepare is now. These stories outline how you can:


  • Use real-time insights to make better, faster decisions.
  • Stay agile and innovative in the face of uncertainty.
  • Exceed rising digital expectations for sustained success.
Taking Action

See how innovators use data to achieve results.