SplunkTalk – #59 – Schooled by the n00b

Greetings friends! Its time for another cozy chat with (maybe) your favorite nerds, Maverick Garner and Michael Wilde, the Splunk Ninja. On this week’s episode we have a chat about using Splunk’s Deployment Monitor app to take a gander at nodes not reporting in when you hope them to be. Setting up alerts might be the answer–perhaps? Maverick answers a question on access control based on information in a lookup (which may not be totally possible) but the discussion is interesting. The real fun part about this episode is in the title “Schooled by the n00b”. One of our favorite Splunker’s supern00b Jesse Miller schools us by teaching Wilde a little thing about field extraction. Jesse’s not really a n00b anymore–after all he’s been at Splunk for 7 months and rocks!!!! Simon Shelston wrote a sweet blog post about how to detect anonymous proxies hitting your servers. We highly recommend you check this out as the technique is quite good!. We’re looking for feedback on how to make the Splunk community much better. Feedback please!

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Michael Wilde

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