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For many of us, the sudden en-masse work-from home revolution has been an unexpected challenge. Our normal work patterns have been upended, and we’ve traded our perfectly tailored ergonomic office setups for kitchen tables and sofas. Our routines and patterns have been thrown out the window. We may start feeling distant, isolated, and disconnected. 

This is a new challenge for those with jobs that require us to be always connected, like folks whose role it is to monitor, protect, and act to keep IT systems and business online and functional. It’s especially challenging for people in SOCs and NOCs who are responsible for crucial backend systems and need visibility and monitoring at all times. Not having access to standard equipment that exists in their work standard office environment like dedicated monitors and TVs exacerbates this challenge. 

Splunk Can Help

Splunk TV, our free-to use Apple TV app, is the best way to view your Splunk Dashboards on a TV and help alleviate some of the remote work challenges. It’s more cost effective than using a dedicated laptop or desktop. Splunk TV is a read-only experience, providing secure access to your data instead of leaving a logged-in machine unattended. In addition, it provides a much nicer user experience as there’s no need to awkwardly string HDMI cords up the wall to your TV, and barely-visible, poorly-sized web dashboards on your large screens are a thing of the past.

The vast majority of us already have a TV in our living room, and many of us have Apple TVs as well. Simply download the Splunk TV app for free from the Apple TV app store, register through the Splunk Cloud Gateway app on your Splunk instance, and get all your critical dashboards right to the comfort of your own living room. 

Dashboard Groups

Do you have more than one dashboard you care about and missing your multi-screen setup at work? The Dashboard Groups feature in Splunk TV should help, as you can view a slideshow of several dashboards at once with a hands-free experience that gets you all the data you need, and provides visibility on all the dashboards you care about.

Zoom + Splunk TV

To enhance team collaboration:

  • Embed a link to a Zoom meeting in a QR code,
  • Insert as an image into your dashboard built with the Splunk Dashboards Beta app
  • Team members can then scan the code on the dashboard using their phone, and jump straight into a call to discuss what’s going on or fight any fires that may come up

No more scrambling to find room IDs, joining the wrong meeting, or leaving someone off the invite. This helps to improve tighter team collaboration in remote work environments. 


With Splunk TV and Zoom, you can stay connected and informed, even if you’re still in your pajamas. It’s the WFHOC. 

Have Splunk but don’t have our mobile app?

Don’t have Splunk but want to give it a try? Download free for 30 days here.

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