A New Way to Manage Metadata and Users

SignalFx’s multi-dimensional, taggable, and fully customizable data model is one of the most powerful parts of the service, allowing you to easily filter or group metrics on the fly using metadata. To take full advantage of this model, you add properties and tags to the metrics (and their dimensions) that might help you with matching patterns or surfacing outliers. With this in mind, we’re happy to introduce our new and improved API endpoints for easier metadata management.

The new endpoints allow you to manage custom properties and tags on metrics and dimensions with simple HTTP requests. For example, if you wanted to update the “loadbalancer-3” service dimension to include additional metadata, such as the region it’s in and the environment it’s part of, you can issue a request which looks like:


 $ curl 

  --request PUT 

  --header "X-SF-TOKEN: $SFX_TOKEN" 

  --header "Content-Type: application/json" 

  --data '{ 

"key" : "host", 

"value": "loadbalancer-3", 

"tags": ["web-tier"], 

"customProperties": { 

"region" : "japan", 

"environment" : "prod" 



The dimension will now be updated to represent the changes, so that you can filter and group by these tags and properties next time you’re building a chart or a detector. For example, you could assign a specific criticality to alerts on the web-tier in Japan in production.

Along with these new endpoints for metadata management, we’re also introducing ways to manage users within organizations programmatically. You can learn more about these new endpoints along with our existing API endpoints at

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Ozan Turgut

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