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Flowmill Joins Splunk Observability Cloud

On November 24, 2020, Splunk acquired Flowmill, a Palo Alto-based company with a real-time, service-aware network observability solution for modern applications. With Flowmill, Splunk expands its Observability Cloud capabilities, giving customers the ability to ingest, analyze and take action on additional cloud network and infrastructure data. Now users can better resolve network-related issues, optimize network performance and reducee network costs armed with real-time knowledge of network behavior between services, containers and zones.

Gain actionable insights into the network behavior of distributed services and cloud infrastructure

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Deploy Services With Confidence

Instantly identify service dependencies and network bottlenecks from a single source of truth


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Maintain a Highly Performant Network

Investigate network reliability and performance across complex, highly distributed services


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Build Cloud Efficiencies

Optimize costly communication patterns for continuous improvement