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A Complete Platform Built for the Cloud

To build the future you want


Splunk in the Cloud

Launch into the Data Age with Splunk solutions built for and in the cloud.

Enjoy better performance and cost-efficiencies inherent to the cloud to bring data to every problem no matter how big or small. Splunk’s partnership with Google Cloud Platform provides ever-increasing options for cloud data storage. We’re also building capabilities for your multi-cloud infrastructure that expand your pub/sub options and continue to enrich the Splunk analyst’s search and analysis experiences to make their workflows easier to perform. Transform your productivity, and change the way your people work and interact with data with Splunk in the cloud.



A Complete Platform

Put data at the center of your competitive strategy and deliver business with Splunk.

The Splunk platform offers products and solutions that work in concert through seamless integrations and partnerships to make your data strategy stronger, no matter the needs and challenges of your organization. Splunk’s IT, DevOps, and Security products and capabilities work together to support robust applications that span use cases. APM, microservices, and on-call technologies are now completely embedded into the Splunk product family to support your transformation.

Building the Future

Change the way you work and keep up with the new normal of remote work and cloud adoption.

While not in the business of predicting the future, Splunk’s forward-looking capabilities seek to continue to impact how you can bring data to every decision and action.  Splunk is piloting multiple first-run, pre-release programs to test out moonshots and give the right customers a first look at Splunk’s vision for use cases that will push you into the Data Age. Intrigued? Consider signing up for a Splunk Pre-release program.


What can you do with Splunk?