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The Splunk Data-to-Everything Platform Increases Scale and Speed; Over 18,000 Customers Turn Data into Doing

Splunk Enterprise expands data access with Data Fabric Search and Data Stream Processor; empowers users with context and collaboration

SAN FRANCISCO and .conf19, LAS VEGAS – October 22, 2019Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK), provider of the Data-to-Everything Platform, today announced that new versions of Splunk® Enterprise and Splunk Cloud™ will expand the ways customers can unlock value and bring data to every question, decision and action. These innovations power the Data-to-Everything Platform, helping customers solve any data problem at any scale. Splunk Enterprise 8.0 is now generally available.

In front of a capacity crowd of over 11,000 customers and partners at its annual user conference, .conf19, Splunk also announced the general availability of Splunk Data Fabric Search (DFS) and Splunk Data Stream Processor (DSP). With these innovative technologies, Splunk is taking customers beyond how they interact with data today enabling massive scale federated search and stream processing.

“Every problem that organizations face is a data problem, so Splunk is designing products and solutions that help our customers get to the business outcomes that they want to achieve,” said Tim Tully, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Splunk. “Whether our customers want the acceleration of Splunk Data Fabric Search, the real-time capabilities of Data Stream Processor, or the accessibility of Splunk Connected Experiences, Splunk provides the Data-to-Everything Platform to help all users across an organization tackle any type of data challenge.”

“We are committed to being a leader in teaching, research and public engagement and these were important considerations that went into our selection of Splunk Cloud as our campus-wide data platform. Splunk Cloud helps us manage everything from IT and Security to providing personalized student experiences both in and out of the classroom,” said Joe Barnes, Chief Privacy and Security Officer, University of Illinois “Splunk Data Stream Processor’s ability to mask private student information in real-time gives us a very effective tool to create a more safe and connected campus.”

Analyze and Act Fast Across Data Ecosystems with Data Fabric Search and Data Stream Processor

Splunk DFS accelerates and streamlines the data analytics experience by quickly weaving together insights from massive datasets, living across diverse data stores, into a single view. For customers that have data living across multiple data stores, including data warehouses that aren't Splunk-based, DFS weaves together all this data for complete visibility across the entire organization.

Splunk DSP is a real-time stream processing solution that continuously collects high-velocity, high-volume data from diverse sources, turns data into valuable information or insights, and then distributes results to Splunk or other destinations typically within milliseconds. Users can deliver meaningful data and information to numerous destinations or data stores in order for analysts or other business professionals to quickly extract insights and make critical business decisions. Splunk DSP can also mask sensitive data in order to protect critical information that could impact a business.

“With Splunk's new Data Fabric Search, we can detect and respond to potential issues within minutes, not hours, so our teams can focus on delivering innovative and personalized products for our customers," said Jon Prall, VP Communications Production Engineering, Verizon Media. "Data Fabric Search harnesses the power of multiple Splunk deployments to gain operational insights about billions of events with optimized, scalable queries."

Splunk Expands Access to Data, Lets Customers Talk to their Data with Natural Language Platform

Splunk further expanded its offerings that bring customers even closer to their data. Splunk Connected Experiences deliver insights on-the-go through augmented reality (AR), mobile devices, and mobile applications that provide users with the ability to access their data anywhere at any time. Enhancements to Connected Experiences include general availability on Android devices and tighter integration with Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud.

Now generally available with Connected Experiences, Splunk Natural Language Platform (NLP) provides more users the ability to access important information in their organization by allowing them to talk to their data through mobile devices using the Splunk Mobile and Splunk TV apps. Users can use their voice to ask questions and the system will respond with an answer. Responses can be configured to be Splunk dashboards or saved search results with natural language descriptions. The Splunk Mobile app is free to download through the App Store, and the Splunk TV app is only available from the App Store on Apple TV. NLP availability for Android will be available later this year.

Discover, Explore, and Monitor Processes With an Intuitive User Interface

Splunk Business Flow is a fast, flexible and intuitive process mining solution that enables process improvement and business operations professionals to interactively discover, investigate, and check conformance of any business process. With the next version of Splunk Business Flow now generally available, users can use notifications to ensure that their most critical processes conform to expected performance thresholds.

For more information on Splunk solutions, visit the Splunk website.

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