overriding default syslog host extraction

I had a customer recently ask how to change the host that was applied to a particular set of incoming events. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, just specify the new name in inputs.conf. But this is from syslog. When you set one of the syslog sourcetypes there is some extra processing to extract the correct hostname which overrides other settings. And the hostname in the event is wrong.

So to get the right one, I set up this transform to force it to a specified value. And still give it my correct syslog sourcetype.
My inputs.conf is tailing an entire directory, which for sake of demonstration I’m going to pretend is all syslog.

$ more inputs.conf
host =
disabled = false
host =
sourcetype = syslog

props.conf is specifying a transform only for the source of interest:

$ more props.conf

# note: overriding default syslog transform!
TRANSFORMS = feorlenhost

and transforms.conf is defining what to do to it. I have to specify a REGEX, but I’m not actually using it so I’ll just say ‘.’ to match everything. The FORMAT line is what is going to set my host:

$ more transforms.conf
DEST_KEY = MetaData:Host

So whatever syslog put in there for host, ignore and use my static value instead.

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