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Sharyl Givens
Sharyl Givens

Sharyl Givens is the Senior Vice President, Chief People Officer for Splunk. Prior to Splunk, she spent 11 years at Proofpoint in human resources leadership roles, including the past eight years as Chief Human Resources Officer. At Proofpoint, Sharyl was responsible for driving global business growth through people-centric human resources initiatives, including key talent development, DEI and wellness programs. Sharyl has over 20 years of experience, including a variety of human resources roles at Rambus, SanDisk, Dolby Laboratories, Opsware (formerly Loudcloud and now part of HP Inc.) and Calico Commerce. Sharyl holds a B.S. from Menlo College.

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A More Resilient Digital World, Through the Power of Us

At Splunk, we lean into the power of us – all the things that make us who we are, working together in an environment that supports and trusts.
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Keeping Splunkers at the Center

Splunk's Chief People Officer, Sharyl Givens, shares her commitment to the employee experience, Splunkers' opportunities for career success and their personal and professional wellbeing.