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HIPAA, Hacks and Healthcare Horrors

A whimsical guide to improving hospital security, patient outcomes and opioid control
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From patient portals to IV pumps,
Medical records to reports on mumps,
IT at hospitals is no joke,
It’s hard to fix systems when they’re broke.

IT at hospitals is no joke indeed, and neither is security. With the recent advent of the opioid crisis, it's become all the more important for hospitals to safeguard controlled substances, and do whatever else it takes to protect patient privacy, manage hospital operations and ultimately save lives.

In the glorious sequel to One Phish, Two Phish, Three Phish, Fraud Phish, the adventures of Buttercup and Phish continue. Join them as they learn about hospital security, fend off hacking hippos and discover how to control opioid abuse with Splunk.

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