Playbook Series: Trigger a Playbook from an IOC

A simple script and Playbook can automatically post an IOC (e.g. IP address, file hash, etc.) to Phantom to kick off a Playbook.  Perhaps you want a Playbook to run an investigation when a specific file hash is detected.  Mark that Playbook active and let it do the investigation every time a new hash needs to be investigated.


Here are the steps to set up and use it:

  1. Create a new REST asset (Administration / Assets) on your Phantom instance (Product Vendor: Generic, Product Name: ‘REST Data Source’):
    • In the asset settings, chose ‘any’ as the IP of the host from where you want to post the hash since you want any user to be posting it.
    • Give the label (in Ingest Settings) section as ‘filehash’.
    • You can choose any label but remember to update the script to whatever label you give to the container.
  2. When you are done creating & saving the REST asset, you will get the Auth token on the ingest settings tab. Update the script to use this auth token.
  3. Also update the address of Phantom instance.
  4. To use the script, all you need to do is: python2.7 <hash>.
  5. Now on Phantom you should be able to see the filehash container.
  6. You can create your Playbook that does all the actions on cef.fileHash and mark it as active.
    • Once marked active it will automatically run every time a new hash is posted.
  7. The Playbook is simply doing a VirusTotal lookup and sending an email with the results.
    • Update the Playbook for whatever email address you want this result to go to.

Here is the email from this Playbook:

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 5.18.20 PM

If you didn’t already know it, Playbooks are Python scripts that Phantom interprets in order to execute your mission when you see something that you want to take action on. Playbooks hook into the Phantom platform and all of its capabilities in order to execute actions, ensuring a repeatable and auditable process around your security operations.  Sample community Playbooks can be customized at will and are synchronized via Git and published on our public Community GitHub repository.  You can read more about Phantom and Playbooks here.

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