Pioneers of the Data Age

More than 40 organizations reveal how they’re bringing data to everything to become more efficient, innovative and competitive.
Organizations are under more pressure to perform than ever before.

From the COVID-19 pandemic and natural disasters to regulatory changes and political strife, businesses and public agencies are facing unprecedented change and challenges — but also opportunity.

After years of accelerating digital transformation, the Data Age has arrived: an era in which ubiquitous and interconnected digital technologies use data to enable and enrich every decision, across organizations, life and society. The pressures and potentials of this new reality are redefining competitive landscapes, increasing customer expectations, and catalyzing innovative disruption at an unprecedented pace.

And data is at the center of it all.

In recent years, every industry has been transformed by the sheer volume and value of data — and the opportunity continues to grow.

At Splunk, we’ve seen that successful organizations are those that bring data to every question, decision and action — evolving with shifting expectations to unearth new possibilities and unleash powerful outcomes. 

Two-thirds of surveyed organizations expect the quantity of their data to multiply nearly 5x by 2025

Only 14% of IT and business managers report that their organization is prepared for an impending surge of new data

Blazing New Trails

Splunk customers are at the forefront of this defining age, using the Data-to-Everything Platform to better understand their organizations and customers, build consumer trust and adapt to the changing landscape.

From Porsche to Arlo to REI, Splunk customers are doubling down on their agile cloud environments and incorporating technologies like machine learning and IoT — all while continuing to bring data to business, security, IT and DevOps teams.

Blazing New Trails
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These data pioneers prove that when you bring data to everything, anything is possible.
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These forward-thinking organizations are bringing data to business, security, IT and DevOps teams for an interconnected approach to success.


A single security breach can cripple any organization, draining resources, threatening customer loyalty and tarnishing brand reputation. Savvy organizations are fortifying their security defenses, using real-time data to detect, investigate and resolve threats faster.

Mars Secures Growth

With a single, comprehensive view of its data, Mars has improved its security posture across vastly different subsidiaries while providing about 300 global users with the ability to self-serve their own insights.

Intel Hunts the One Percent

After automating prevention for 99% of its threats, Intel built its Cyber Intelligence Platform to detect and respond to the most sophisticated threats attempting to penetrate the organization’s environment.


IT Operations

As infrastructures grow more complex, IT teams are under mounting pressure to predict problems while delivering valuable services to employees and customers. Splunk customers have risen to the challenge, adopting emerging technologies, automating processes and driving effectiveness for a more efficient, connected organization. 

The U.S. Census Bureau Marks the Transformation of the Decade

Managing a complex infrastructure of 52 systems and 35 operations, the U.S. Census Bureau is ensuring success for the 2020 census, the country’s first digital census and the largest civilian count in U.S. history. 

Global Emancipation Network Fights Human Trafficking

This world-changing nonprofit partnered with Splunk to turn messy, unstructured data into actionable insights that are helping curb human trafficking, a crisis that affects an estimated 45 million victims every year. 



We’re in a “now” economy. Consumers expect intuitive apps and services that are efficient, reliable and available anytime, anywhere. To deliver on these expectations, DevOps teams need visibility across their entire tech stack to ensure high performance, prevent outages and resolve incidents quickly, before they impact the organization and customers. 

Arlo Keeps Pace With Customer Expectations

Providing more than 13.3 million IoT devices to millions of customers across the globe, Arlo accelerated innovation for quicker fixes, happier customers and faster time to market for new products and features.

PSCU Invests in Agility

Slashing mean time to acknowledge from four hours to under two minutes, PSCU empowers staff to innovate faster, collaborate better and effectively deliver support for more than 1,500 credit unions and nearly 4 billion transactions.


Business Insights

Whether finding new customers, informing product strategy, measuring marketing efforts or predicting sales trends, data is fundamental to successful organizations. Splunk customers know how to turn data into action to optimize operations, increase revenue and better serve customers.

Domino’s Delivers a Satisfying Omnichannel Experience

The world’s No. 1 pizza company is bringing data to 16,300 global stores, 16 digital ordering channels and 1 million daily customers worldwide for an experience that blends quality and convenience.

Porsche Accelerates Into the Future

Porsche delivers data-driven performance and sustainability for its first electric sports car — the Porsche Taycan — and more than 2,000 accompanying charging stations across the globe. 

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Intelligent performance without data is not possible.
Stefan Arnold, Head of Technology Acceleration and Management, Porsche


Across industries and borders, Splunk helps organizations remove barriers between data and action to safeguard systems, streamline operations and accelerate innovation. 

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