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Splunk Introduces Splunk IT Service Intelligence

New IT Monitoring and Analytics Solution Delivers Immediate Value to IT with Advanced Analytics and Powerful Visualizations; Available as Software or a Cloud Service

.conf2015, LAS VEGAS - September 22, 2015 - Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK), provider of the leading software platform for real-time Operational Intelligence, today announced Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI). Splunk ITSI builds upon Splunk’s deep product expertise and recognized customer value in IT Operations by introducing a solution that provides breakthrough visibility into the health and key performance indicators of IT services. This new solution delivers a central, unified view of critical IT services and leverages advanced analytics driven by machine learning to highlight anomalies, detect root cause and pinpoint areas of impact. Experience the power and innovation of Splunk solutions and try the Splunk ITSI online sandbox today.

“With Splunk ITSI, we wanted to build on how customers were already using the Splunk platform for IT troubleshooting and monitoring and deliver a complete solution for IT professionals,” said Rick Fitz, senior vice president of IT markets, Splunk. “IT teams now have an innovative data-driven approach to more effectively manage the new world of hybrid, cloud and software-defined everything in the data center. Splunk ITSI is in a class of its own because it provides both high-level monitoring and deep-dive troubleshooting and analytics in one solution, available as either software or a cloud service.”

“Traditionally, the end-to-end performance of systems and apps supporting digital strategies is difficult for the business team to monitor against SLAs and KPIs they have established without bolting this view together with a variety of products,” according to Maureen Fleming, vice president of BPM and middleware research, IDC. “Being able to track, monitor and produce a business view of performance from a single offering is critical in today's world of technology-enabled innovation.”

Splunk Customers Unlock Insights On Business-Critical Services

More than a dozen Splunk customers have run Splunk ITSI over several months in production environments. Splunk ITSI customers report having greater insight into their IT services, less downtime and disruption to their customers, and improved service levels.

“AdvancedMD has more than 13,000 daily global users who initiate claims, and Splunk IT Service Intelligence enables us to both know there is a problem at a high level and also see the depths of all of these interactions and fix issues immediately," said Tyler Germer, director of information technology, AdvancedMD. “Splunk IT Service Intelligence was delivering insights days after installing, instead of the months it can take with legacy monitoring solutions. Splunk ITSI helps us ensure that the claims service stays up and running at all times.”

“Splunk IT Service Intelligence gives us the actionable insights we need to keep our business-critical services running smoothly and it was up and running in days instead of months,” said Daniel Nye, chief technology officer, Surrey Satellite Technology. “By mapping KPIs to critical service components, we have discovered and resolved problems that we did not know we had. For example, by identifying a previously undetected issue with our document management system, we have significantly sped up the document checkout process, delivering real-time savings to the business.”

“Splunk IT Service Intelligence gives Vodafone a real-time understanding of how our services are performing overall and at the more granular level," said Andre Casper, solution owner operational analytics, Vodafone. "We have KPIs mapped to critical service components and can provide relevant insights to stakeholders across the business, including management, service owners and the security team. The glass table visualizations in Splunk ITSI make it quick and easy to identify and resolve any issues, preventing any impact on our users. Now we can be much more proactive about our services.”

Read more about Vodafone’s success with Splunk ITSI in the Vodafone case study on the Splunk website.

Empowering IT to Uncover and Act on Data-Driven Intelligence

Splunk ITSI is a patented, enterprise-class monitoring and analytics solution that provides new levels of visibility into the health and key performance indicators of IT services. Built on the powerful Splunk platform, Splunk ITSI scales to collect and index terabytes of real-time and historical events and metrics, across multi-datacenter and cloud-based infrastructures. Splunk IT Service Intelligence:

  • Delivers a central, unified view of critical IT services for powerful, data-driven monitoring.
  • Maps critical services with KPIs to easily pinpoint what matters most.
  • Utilizes advanced analytics powered by machine learning to highlight anomalies, detect root cause and pinpoint areas of impact.
  • Supports drill down into the data for rapid issue investigation and resolution.

Learn more about Splunk ITSI or sign up for an online sandbox trial on the Splunk website.

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