Letter to Customers from Splunk CEO, Godfrey Sullivan

Dear Valued Customer,

I am excited to share that today we announced our acquisition of Caspida, a company that provides data science-driven Behavioral Analytics for security. This acquisition is aligned to our strategy of expanding our cybersecurity offerings and will enable us to bring advanced analytical capabilities to our customers. This capability will further extend the market leadership of Splunk’s analytics-enabled SIEM solution.

Splunk security customers can benefit from Caspida’s innovative use of security-focused data science and machine learning to detect advanced threats from external attackers or malicious insiders. Most of these threats are hard to detect using traditional signature and rule-based approaches because they usually employ trusted access owned by insiders or gained from compromised credentials or systems. Recent high profile breaches have shown us the significance of identity and user credentials as an attack surface, and our combined solution will initially focus on delivering User and Entity Behavioral Analytics to help our customers with this critical security need. To learn more, please see our official press release at: /en_us/investor-relations/acquisitions/caspida/letter-to-customers.html. We invite you to reach out to your account representative or to the following email alias – ASA-sales@splunk.com – for any questions you have.

I hope you will be able to join us at our upcoming .conf2015 User Conference, scheduled for September 21-24 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. While there, I would encourage you to meet with our Security Markets Group leader, Haiyan Song, and her Advanced Security Analytics team leaders (founders from Caspida) to learn more about our solutions roadmap moving forward.

Thank you for the tremendous support you have shown us as a valued Splunk customer. We are continuing our journey to bring you more solutions on top of our industry-leading machine data platform. We are excited about this investment in cybersecurity and we remain committed to ensuring our customers’ success.