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Splunk for Industrial IoT: Taking Your Operation from Reactive to Data-Driven

Unplanned equipment failure and system downtime is still the number one challenge of industrial companies. Organizations struggle to combine and correlate data from diverse industrial control systems (SCADA, sensors, applications, infrastructure, IT systems) that often have varying communications protocols and a wide range of data formats. In this session, you’ll get a premier deep-drive into Splunk for Industrial IoT, designed to give engineers the ability to aggregate disparate data sources, quickly identify problems, and fix issues with real-time insights and alerting capabilities.

Watch this .conf18 session and learn how:

  • Rail freight operator DB Cargo gained a real-time view into fleet health and performance
  • Energy company Infigen can now predict turbine behavior and maintenance needs
  • Manufacturing company Shaw Floors reduced costs and increased equipment reliability and product quality
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