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Splunk RUM

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DevOps teams, Front-end Developers, and SREs 



Project Description

Splunk RUM (Real User Monitoring) uniquely provides full fidelity end-to-end visibility (i.e., browser to backend) into how end users experience the performance of your applications.


Splunk RUM helps you detect user impacting issues within seconds by leveraging our NoSample Full-fidelity Tracing that ingests ALL front-end traces and connects them with their corresponding backend traces, real-time streaming architecture, and powerful AI, so you can quickly identify root causes. Elevate your user experience, minimize bounce rate, innovate faster, and become more productive!


Splunk RUM was designed with the following requirements in mind:


  • OpenTelemetry-based instrumentation
  • Seamless integration with other Splunk products to provide full visibility into modern application performance
  • Minimal code changes to your frontend using industry-standard navigation-timing APIs

Interested? Sign up for this beta program. We’d love to hear your thoughts on what features and capabilities would make it easier to create the best user experience possible.

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