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Security Super Session: Splunk Security Vision and Roadmap With Haiyan Song

As the security landscape continues to evolve, thousands of organizations require a single source of truth to help drive better, faster security decisions. So how can security teams unify security analytics, machine learning and automation technologies to accelerate security operations workflows? Splunk for security helps teams increase efficiency, reduce exposure to risk and mature to the next level of security sophistication by detecting, investigating and acting on threats and incidents proactively.

Join Haiyan Song, Splunk Senior Vice President and General Manager of Security Markets, together with Oliver Friedrichs, Vice President of Security Automation and Orchestration, and Karthik Kannan, Head of Behavioral Analytics, as they share what’s on the horizon for Splunk and security.

Watch this .conf18 session to learn about:

  • The exciting new capabilities and features that Splunk has to offer
  • The latest and greatest innovations driving Splunk’s security portfolio
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