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Security and Remote Access During This New Normal Ensure a Safe and Productive Remote Workforce

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The global COVID-19 pandemic has led every organization to undergo unprecedented change, shifting the demands of the IT organization in particular. Large teams of teleworkers and the rising demand for secure, remote access adds tremendous pressure to both IT and security teams, and to the infrastructure they support. At a time when urgent action is critical, Splunk stands in solidarity with all of our customers, particularly those on the front lines of care and response, and the IT personnel that support their critical missions.

During this webinar, attendees joined Splunk Interim CIO, Steve McMahon, and a panel of experts in a discussion on operationalizing data with tools and solutions to make confident decisions and take decisive actions at speeds a crisis can warrant.

Listen to the webinar on-demand to learn how operationalizing your data can help empower IT and security teams to:

  • Secure a remote workforce, including monitoring anomalous activity, remote access events and data exfiltration points.
  • Scale services on-demand to deliver acceptable levels of end-user experience.
  • Manage a fully remote workforce and empower helpdesk and support teams.
  • Maintain uptime and continuity of mission-critical applications.

On-Demand Webinar